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Ridercam Systems Ltd

Ridercam is the worlds leading technology in delivering experiential HD video souvenirs in Theme Parks and roller-coasters. The Company has made significant progress over the last two years and is now in position to accelerate its growth and access new markets on a global scale.

Ridercam Systems Ltd

United Kingdom

    • Introduction

      Bringing Theme Park souvenirs into the publish yourself generation

      Reliving our special moments in life is something we humans have done as long as we have existed using stone carvings, paintings, scriptures, photographs, and vhs-videos. As we have developed so has technology. Ridercam started in 2006 with the aim to become the market leader in "memorology" –the art of capturing high definition memories with sound. Now we are there. No other system today can deliver what we do – high definition smile-bytes with high quality sound.

      Ridercam is a technology business that has developed what management believes to be the leading video capture system on adrenalin-fueled rides or roller coasters in the World today. A unique and proprietary technology that captures Theme Park memories for consumers – the natural evolution of an existing and well-established market (estimated at $1.3 billion dollar) in the sale of still photos in Theme Parks. Ridercam has over the past ten years developed a high definition camera system that can consistently capture and deliver to consumers a movie of a roller coaster experience.


      • Top 50 theme parks worldwide – over 250 million visitors per annum*
      • 2016 forecast global revenue of $46.1 billion
      • In Park spend management estimates accounts for 30% or $13.8 billion of which we estimate 10% is on Photo Souvenirs – estimated market of $1.38 billion per annum in Photo sales
      • Souvenir market is operated by three major players: Kodak, Magic Memories and Picsolve – Kodak and Magic have chosen Ridercam as preferred video provider
      • Ridercam now targeting Theme Parks directly with automated video delivery solution through alliances with Coaster manufacturers – taking on the operators with an end to end digital solution
      • There are 3,983 roller coasters in the world** many new ones are built each year
      • Ridercam financial model assumes x coasters installed by 2020 less than x% of total market


      Ridercam was established in 2006 with the aim of becoming the market leader in video capture in Theme Parks. Ridercam captures for prosperity the enjoyment and thrills of the roller coaster experience forever – a memory that can be published instantly online and shared with friends. The use of camera or mobile phones on roller coasters remains prohibited for the obvious health and safety reasons, moreover a GoPro would break after a full day of filming. The management today believe that Ridercam has become the market leader and has a strategy to evolve its market. 

      Ridercam = Preferred Supplier

      Today Ridercam has preferred video supplier contracts with two of the three major Theme Park souvenir operators in the world Kodak and Magic Memories and is in negotiation with the third Picsolve. Ridercam is operational with Magic Memories at Movie World (Australia) on “DC Rivals”, “Doomsday” and “Batwing”. Ridercam has a compelling revenue-generating product today with existing contracts with the leading operators in the market of theme park souvenirs.

      The operator opportunity is only the tip of the iceberg. Through nearly a decade of technology development Ridercam has established itself as the dominant industry supplier of video systems on Coasters and is particularly respected by the Coaster manufacturers themselves. The system has been fully approved by many ride manufacturers and has passed all the relevant health and safety checks including approval from the German TUF and now the equivalent in China. This the management believe is a major barrier to entry in the market.

      New Strategic sales alliance opens the way to new markets

      Through its strategic sales alliance with Vekoma (the worlds biggest ride manufacturer – the Company has secured a contract directly with Fantawild in China (12 Theme Parks open and more in development) with an install schedule of 16 coasters in the next two years.  Fantawild is the fifth largest Theme Park Group in the world and still expanding. The forecast is that by 2020 attendance in Theme Parks in China will surpass the US. 

      None of the exsisting operators have secured contracts in China. Ridercam has the opportunity to become the dominant market player for the recording and delivery of roller coaster video souvenirs in the region .

      Vekoma are now offering the Ridercam system on all of their new coasters, which in turn is leading to revenue share contracts with the Theme Parks directly. The game changer is that Ridercam can secure more substantial revenue share splits with the Parks directly.

      Rather than an average 20% share with the Operators, Ridercam is now negotiating revenue share as high as 45%. Plus with the planned retail system software development sales of Ridercam movies can be automated – negating the need for staff to sell the product in the Park. In other words Ridercam will deliver a fully autonomous system to deliver ride movies to consumers. 

      Following the Vekoma agreement Ridercam has also signed a contract to install their system on a new Vekoma coaster going into Wildlands Zoo Emmen, in the Netherlands for April 2018. 

      The future is small and lightweight... 

      The Company intends to keep its market leading position and is currently hard at work developing the a new generation Camera system which will deliver smaller and cheaper components to reduce the cost of the system by 70% to allow for an economic but aggressive install program. 

      Second to the technical development Ridercam is also developing the software to encompass retail sales software (up to now provided by the Operators) which will deliver the video directly to mobile phones and social media – management believe this will enable a significant shift in the market and deliver greater profit to the company. 

      The Management believe that the most exciting outlook for the business is that within 5 years all guests to Theme Parks will receive their on ride and in Park videos for free where the revenues will come from advertisers wanting to be associated with the content. 

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    • Management

      Board members

      Dominic Berger | Executive Chairman

      Dominic has extensive experience in developing, building, and leading global digital media companies. A serial entrepreneur that brings his wealth of experience in developing and financing high growth potential businesses. Dominic has also been instrumental in the listing of a variety of businesses on Global stock markets

      He has also been involved in delivering digital strategies and innovation for companies such as Umbro, The Premier League, Sony and Merlin Entertainment.

      Dominic began his career in media in the film Industry as an assistant director. In 1994 he was awarded the Colombia Studios scholarship to the National Film and Television School (NFTS). On leaving the NFTS he went on to successfully produce a number of feature films and adverts, finally selling his production company to the K Media Group Limited.

      In 1998 Dominic co founded, pioneering one of the world’s first online TV platforms. In 1999 he joined BlackStar Associates, the largest online video and DVD retailer in the UK, as Managing Director. BlackStar was awarded British Video Association Best Online Retailer Award in 2000.

      Dominic was appointed Managing Director of Europe for, a specialist sports oriented dotcom headquartered in London and owned by Doughty Hanson & Co, one of Europe's largest independent private equity fund managers. In 2003 he founded Venue Solutions, a strategy consulting business targeting the sports, arts and leisure markets to improve management of any type of venue. In 2005 Dominic lead the flotation of Venue Solutions Holdings Plc on to the AIM market.

      He founded Universal Outdoor Group Plc in 2008 which he listed on the German stock exchange in 2009. Today the Company is the UK's largest out of home media company in shopping centres Dominic is still a board director and significant shareholder.

      Jens Scheberg | Technical Director

      Professional Broadcast Engineer – Datavideo Gmbh
      Developed Endoscopy Cameras - Divicom Gmbh
      Founded Ridercam in 2006

      Ross Jones | Head of Engineering

      Ross joins our board to bring knowledge and experience of global project delivery. Currently Lead Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Ross has had a long career developing and delivering complicated engineering projects within the motor industry. He prides himself on being able to communicate effectively across different languages and cultures to deliver complicated timing plans and projects on time and in budget. Previously living and working in China he has knowledge and experience of global component sourcing including; India, Korea, China, Taiwan and Europe. Having delivered a number of motor vehicle projects from drawing board to showroom, Ross is confident he can streamline both costs, build and installation times for the Ridercam system whilst ensuring a high performance level and reducing maintenance. He will become a valuable and pivotal member of the team allowing the company to proceed with confidence to roll out the system globally and showing our partners Kodak that our commitment to a robust delivery system is world class.

    • Market

      In an age where everyone have a video camera in their pocket and the “Youtube Generation” publish themselves at an ever increasing rate – the one place you cannot hold your phone and film yourself is a roller coaster ride.

      Globally, around 250 million people visit the top 50 Theme Parks every year, the directors believe following discussion with various park operators that up to 30% of these visitors buy a photographic souvenir. The action photo has established itself as the biggest per capita selling souvenir in Theme Parks. These still photos are sold by only a few companies who control the image rights on al the parks. Kodak Alaris is the biggest (formally Qualex or Event Imaging Solutions – both divisions of Kodak).

      There are 2,383* roller coasters world wide Kodak owns image rights on image rights on circa 900 coasters. They have recognised the need to move with the times and technology to provide the customer an on ride video.

      The instant video souvenir is the next generation of on ride souvenir and digital delivery makes it possible for customers to purchase both video and still photography on the same medium. Ridercam has proven to have a robust system that can deliver the product in a number on a number of media solutions. Ridercam model assumes 128 coasters installed by 2018 less than 6% of total market and around 15% of Kodak’s market.

      Few "onride" systems are available. The main competitor was CD Ride who had some market share in United States - yet this company is no longer in operation. Picsolve, one of Kodak Alaris’s competitors has been trying to develop their own system for 4 years now, but still has quality and delivery issues. Foto smile an Italian company has an "onride" video systems but they are only producing video in standard defintition and with no sound.

      The Directors believe they are at least 24 months ahead of any competition and the steo up from SD and HD involves significant investment.

      Key differentiators:

      • Ridercam is the only combo system in the world – both photos and DVDs
      • Picture Quality – Full High Definition video
      • Audio Quality – Directional audio system
      • Advanced On-ride control – knows when the coaster stops
      • Power supply technology – lightweight and charges in station
      • Automated DVD Production system – 2 clicks to purchase
      • Personalised Product – each DVD has guest picture
    • Products/Services

      The Ridercam 2.0 HD System can be installed on any roller coaster; the system consists of Camera Units that house the HD quality custom camera system and sound microphones and Ride Cases that mount on the chassis of the roller coaster to control the camera units and interface with the station Boxes, (mounted in the roller coaster station) that send the images via the servers to be purchased by the customer.

      Custom built protective shrouds house the camera block and microphones. The camera unit is mounted on the roller coaster cars giving a “two shot” of riders. Ride Cases are sealed and gel filled to withstand the forces of the roller coaster. The “plug and play” connections mean easy maintenance by the park engineers. The on board batteries are also sealed units and take a charge via bus bars every time the coaster docks in the station.

      Retail Kiosk

      The Ridercam 2.0 HD System instantly transmits the individual ride videos to the server via the station switch. The server then displays the videos in the retail kiosk. Touch screens can be used by the customer to select the ride video, purchase and select between DVD burn or USB download. In manned kiosks the retail staff use multiple screens and burners. On ride photography is also printed in the traditional way, but also added to DVD or download media.

      Mobile downloads - coming soon

      The new Ridercam smart phone app will allow individual ride video to be pushed to the riders mobile device. By linking the app to existing accounts, such as iTunes or Amazon, the rider can purchase their personal ride souvenirs by a single click and publish to social networks by single click. This unique feature will be developed post investment round.

      Camera units are mounted 1 per 2 riders. Ride cases are mounted in the car chassis 1 for every 2 camera units. Bus bars are mounted in wheel housings to connect to station when ride docks. The bus bars transmit data from ride to station box switch at the same time as a power charge is transmitted to battery box and ride case. This ensures the system is at optimum operating power at any time.

      The data is sent via hard line to the server from the station box. The server then displays ride videos in shop and pushes to registered mobile devices via the smart phone app.


      A further Opportunity – Venue Cam

      Ridercam has been approached to fund and develop a unique video capture systems for the Sports market. A system, that captures automatically a fans reaction to his or her team scoring a goal – a moment that is then delivered automatically to the fans mobile device. Ultimately delivering a memory for life – a memory they will want to buy and share.

      The new system will offer dynamic, professionally-captured, full-motion HD digital video to capture every unique moment within sporting / social events. Memories that are captured are unattainable by any other means and are, by their very nature, invaluable

      How does it work?

      The opportunity to grow the Venue Cam business into global stadiums, as well as into the gift-related market, is untapped and has significant potential. There are huge upsides on other revenue streams, including social media, venue licence fees, gift-related merchandise etc., all of which are not included in the financial projections

      All global sporting / social event stadiums are targets and the management team have access at senior levels.

    • Milestones

    • Key Data

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      Name Ridercam Systems Ltd
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      Ridercam Systems Limited

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