Angel Business Club

Welcome to our clubhouse! Here is the place where you will find the most recent and relevant information about our Club. Access videos, documents and files under News and Documents and when introducing new members you can use this page as your presentation platform.

  • Introduction

    By the use of digital media we have created a platform that caters to a community of business angels – to harness and match Angel Capital with unique business ventures – to deliver accelerated growth.


    By embracing the new Millennial era, we have built a digital platform, environment and ECO-System…

    • ... to empower individual investors and transform the way they can access and engage in IMPACT INVESTMENTS
    • ... to give birth to a global Network of Angel investment Communities
    • ... to leverage the power of ANGEL CAPITAL (a unique mix of human and financial capital) to accelerate the growth of company investments

    World’s largest Angel Business community

    The Angel Business Club was formed in June of 2015 with a vision to transform the way people engaged in and managed their investments. The mission was to think differently and focus on the investor as the catalyst to business success as well as being able to curate outstanding investment opportunities – opportunities that its members would not normally be able to access – the solution was to create a Club wherein the collective financial strength could open those doors.


    ABC follows some critical and key principals

    1. Transparency – we recognized the importance of information and communication – members are constantly kept up to date with the latest developments on their investments – good or bad. We actively encourage member involvement in all Participation Companies
    2. Respect – our Participation Companies and members agree with our ethos of mutual respect which promote active engagement
    3. Active Investment Management – we are entrepreneurs – we and our network actively participate in the development of our Participation Companies to drive growth, fix problems and be a part of the journey. We call this “Human Capital” and it is our special ingredient.
    4. Ethics – we fund and accelerate the growth of ethical businesses and as much as possible we focus on Impact Investment


    We deliver all this through our ever-evolving Eco-System – we have webinars in 5 languages weekly, a monthly education program, a monthly insights program where successful business people present market sectors and dynamic and Club events and activities, among others. It is fair to say we facilitate a lot of conversations focused on the development and growth of the Club diversified activities.

    Today we have over 13,000 Members from all over the world. Our growing member base is one of the reasons behind our success. Their active involvement has benefited many of our “Club” – or Participation Companies. 

    The Club is not a Crowd Funding platform it is a private members club whose active members pay a monthly membership fee. The Club invests the profit from these membership fees in companies and its members' benefit from a free allocation of shares monthly.  This is the reason we can access quality Companies as the Club can fund as principal – hence we get to see the exciting and well-developed opportunities – opportunities our members would not normally be able to access. 

    The Club, however, through its regulated adviser – Angel Corporate Finance - launched the world first community funding platform, which is available on

    Members are also invited to participate in investing over and above their membership fees – Angel Corporate Finance, which is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, arranges all investment opportunities.


    3 successful IPOs in 3 years

    The Club's focus is curating outstanding companies with a focus on accelerated growth and clear exit strategies. That is why in 18 months we have had 2 successful IPOs from our first 8 investments, with more to follow...

    • WideCells Group, a world leading Stem Cell Service provider, which listed on the London Stock Exchange in June 2016.
    • Path Investments, active in the Oil and Gas sector, listed on the London Stock onchange in March 18 2017. 


  • Management

    Below is a short presentation of some of the persons involved in delivering everyday excellence to our Members. To access the full presentation click here.


    Angel Corporate Finance (ACF) is the Clubs appointed adviser. ACF is responsible for the overall management of the Club’s business activities including the platform, member verification, Client management. ACF is contracted by the Clubs General Partner Angel Club Services SA to provide services to ABC.

    Philip Reid | Chairman

    Philip Reid has over 35 years experience of financial services, specialising in the selection and funding of early stage companies. He was a Chief Executive of the National Research Development Corporation, a UK Government backed venture capital organisation which oversaw the exploitation of many of the leading UK innovations. He was later a Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch and in recent years has been Chairman of some five AIM or Plus Listed public companies.

    Dominic Berger | Chief Executive Officer

    Dominic has extensive experience in developing, building, and leading global digital media companies. A serial entrepreneur that brings his wealth of experience in developing and financing high growth potential businesses. Dominic has also been instrumental in the listing of a variety of businesses on Global stock markets. He has also been involved in delivering digital strategies and innovation for companies such as Umbro, The Premier League, Sony and Merlin Entertainment.

    Anders Alm | Director Marketing & Communication

    Anders is a seasoned communicator with a broad and extensive background in advertising and communication. Anders started his career in advertising at a Stockholm based advertising agency catering for clients such as H&M, Mercedes-Benz, British Tourist Authority to name a few. After leaving Publicis Sweden and joining Publicis Copenhagen/Denmark Anders was appointed Nordic/Baltic Account Director to secure an aligned communication policy for Honda, Coca-Cola, British Airways and other international brands present in the Nordic and Baltic area.

    Christoffer Lindberg | Head of Technology

    Christoffer has been working with computers and IT for pretty much all his working life. With a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Christoffer has originally been working as a freelancer, before working as consultant with several different web agencies. Christoffer has significant experience in the delivery and management of highly complex secure web based platforms. 

    Natalia Gliorsi | Head of Legal

    Natalia is a law graduate having specialized in Company Law. She has a broad experience dealing with cross-functional teams having worked in the financial sector during her entire professional life. Natalia is in charge of developing the Club's in-house legal and compliance systems and procedures, providing full legal support to the general business activities whilst also providing legal and regulatory advice, contract review and compliance oversight.

    Club Management

    João de Saldanha | Managing Director Angel Business Club

    João graduated in hotel and tourism management from Centre International de Glion in Switzerland in the 80's and worked for over 10 years in management positions in the hospitality industry. Since 2002, João has built large international sales organizations with thousands of distributors and hundreds of thousands of clients. João believes that The Angel Business Club is an outstanding opportunity for all people to build a solid high growth potential portfolio and participate in the growth of exciting companies

    Anders Sjölin | Director Scandinavia

    Anders started his business career in fast moving consumer goods where he founded and grew a significant retail business in Sweden. He subsequently began working as a Director for over 15 years in a number of membership based businesses including All Communications Networks a US based direct sales businesses of Telecom, Energy and essential consumer services. He speaks fluent Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English.

    Leslie Berton | Marketing & Communication | Digital Manager

    Leslie’s career has been based upon a platform of dynamic digital/online marketing management, product/ brand management, campaign creation, data analysis, reporting, competition, and market research. A brand and category strategist with a solid track record of developing highly creative digital advertising across multiple sectors, building bespoke solutions for global brands. She has worked and lived internationally as a skilled bi-linguist - Fluent in French & English.

    Leslie has graduated with a MBA from Colorado State University and with a Marketing Master from La Sorbonne Business School

    Janne Wallgren | Club Secretary

    Janne has substantial experience of performing office management, recordkeeping and accounting tasks of club and member management. Janne has in-depth knowledge of the Clubs administrative controls and their implementation including the club’s website management. Janne's core responsibility remains the fiscal management of the Club finances

    The Accelerators

    Robert Millbourn | Business Acceleration | Corporate Finance

    After years of working with global businesses such as Adidas, Gillette and Coca-Cola, Robert brings a diversified and valuable knowledge bank to tap in to for aspiring businesses and management teams. Before joining ABC Robert performed independent Corporate Finance work for various boutique houses, corporations and family offices with concentration on structuring transactions and raising capital.

  • Market

    Members from most countries all over the world are welcome to join our Club.

  • Milestones

    • June 2015 • ANGEL BUSINESS CLUB | Launch of world first Angel Capital community
    • September 2015 • ABC SCHOOL | Launch of online business school for members. Business, Finance and Investments
    • November 2015 • INSIGHTS | Launch of insights program on Business and Finance
    • January 2016 • 12 Companies funded by ABC. Still active on platform
    • June 2016 • 1st IPO | WideCells Group IPO on London Stock Exchange.
    • July 2016 • STOCK TRADE TOOL | Launch of online tool for members to trade on public exchanges
    • October 2016 • 9000 MEMBERS | Europe’s largest community of business angels.
    • December 2016 • Britannia’s Gold Ltd | First company in Special Projects
    • March 2017 • 2nd IPO | Path Investments IPO on London Stock Exchange
    • May 2017 • ANGELEQT.COM | Launch of world first community funding platform
    • December 2017• 11.000 MEMBERS | Europe’s largest community of business angels
    • January 2019 • 13.000 MEMBERS | World’s largest community of business angels
  • Key Data

    Membership Fee and Free Allocations

    As a member you can choose from various monthly membership subscription levels starting at €89 up to €990 per month. As an active member you may receive allocations of free share entitlements in Participation Companies. The value of these free allocations are related to every members individual membership level. 

    SPECIAL Investment Opportunities

    Active members may also receive special invitations to other investment opportunities, brought by Angel Corporate Finance Ltd - which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK – FRN No: 189495.

    WIDECELLS GROUP • Case Study

    • WideCells Group listed on the London Stock Exchange in June 2016
    • ABC delivers +30% return on investment at IPO in 6 months to Members
    • WideCells has already traded above £0.16p (+100%)
    • Journey has only just begun but Members can exit if they wish with Stock Trade Tool