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Fantrac Global Ltd

Fantrac connects Celebrities with their fans offering exclusive content, photos, behind the scenes video and sound clips to get closer to the action.

Fantrac Global Ltd

London | United Kingdom

  • Introduction

    ‘’ Fantrac addresses the needs of the Celebrity to be paid for their work and the differing needs of Fans , occasional Fans who want a everything free in one place and Fanatical Fans who want to pay for exclusive access to their Celebrity of choice.’’

    Fantrac Global Ltd was created by the founders from two existing businesses,  Celebrity Sponsorship and a GPS mobile business. The Celebrity contacts ( over 2,000 ) were the inspiration -  they continually complained about their loss of revenues from giving away their media rights free of charge to social media companies and the technology from the GPS business provided the solution.

    Fantrac Global Ltd provided Celebrities with a way to still offer free social media to likes of Facebook and Twitter but also to keep premium content for Real Fanatical Fans who would be willing to pay for it.

    Over the past 2 years the business has evolved – already over 70 Celebrities have signed, additional revenue streams indentified, new versions of the software released and increasing evidence that Fantrac is not only what Celebrities want but also that Fans are willing to pay for premium content and exclusive access to their favourite Celebrities.

    The ‘’free’’ fans can access a single site that provides all the Celebrities free social media in one place – plus any fan clubs – official or unofficial. In this area the ‘’free’’ fan can also access a new feed that specialises in the Celebrity of their choice but also the specific interests of each individual fan.

    The ‘’free’’ fan will be delivered advertising, offered sponsored free apps, make micro purchases – individual photographs, videos, a day in the life of, download the music their Celebrity listens to, purchase the video games they play and more.

    The Fanatical Fan can subscribe to see more exclusive premium content, unlimited access to exclusive photographs and videos – and exclusive access to communicate directly with the celebrity and other Fanatical fans.

    50% of all revenues derived from the Celebrity’s Fantrac site are paid to the Celebrity.

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  • Management

    Board members

    Wayne Lochner | Founder and Managing Director

    Following many global positions throughout his career, Wayne founded Affinity Internet Holdings LTD. (“Affinity”) in 1995 with the aim of establishing a company that specialised in the provision of branded fixed mobile and internet services through a revolutionary ‘White Label’ concept. This led to the establishment of strategic partnerships with Cisco, Cable and Wireless, Fujitsu, Vodafone and BT, and through this concept Affinity became one of the fastest growing listed companies in the UK.

    In June 2000 Wayne also won the Ernst & Young award for ‘London’s E-Business Entrepreneur of the Year’ and in 2001 he was selected as a finalist at the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Awards in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category.

    Matthew Nuttall | Founder and Managing Director

    Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and competence to Fantrac Global having directed and managed many high-profile projects throughout his career, as diverse as working with the Chinese Government assisting with the development of their transport infrastructure for Beijing through to running initiatives for the NHS and other National Health Associations. More recently, he has specialised in CRM initiatives for major corporates whilst also founding the Sports Management Company, which has the rights to transact and manage commercial and sponsorship arrangements for  over 2,200 Sports and Media Celebrities worldwide; as such his contribution to the management team is invaluable. Currently Matthew is also responsible for sponsorship of the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and the Damilola Taylor Trust.

    David Wong | Finance Director

    David has over 30 years of financial and management accounting and corporate finance experience.

    He began his career in 1980 with 5 years at Morley and Scott. Leaving in 1985 to become the Finance Executive of Teletronic Limited, a medical company in the UK, he later progressed to being the Finance Executive of the Denmark operation, establishing the Swedish office during his tenure. Reporting to the Head Office based in Paris, France, David was responsible for all financial obligations of all entities under his control. He remained with this company for almost 10 years, and left in 1994 when he was approached to become the General Manager of a recently acquired cash shell USM (Unlisted Securities Market) company. The Company (Waterhouse Group PLC) was to be used as a vehicle for UK and Overseas property assets to be injected into the company.

    Charged with this task, in 1996, he and his team reversed initially £8 million value of property assets into the shell and at the same time, achieved a full listing onto the London Stock Exchange raising also at the same time a further £1.1 million of cash and renaming the company as Golden Land Investment PLC. He also became a main board director and served as the COO (Chief Operating Officer). A further £7 million pounds of overseas assets was injected capitalizing the company at some £16 million pounds.

    David remained with this company until early 2000 and then decided to take time off to spend time with his young family. Returning to work as a Consultant to the Board in early 2006, he worked for Rega Research Limited (a company specialising in high end sound equipment) and an AIM Listed company (Betbrokers Limited) and a Group of property companies in all statutory, financial and fiduciary matters.

    He is currently the Finance Director of a leisure company group of companies with combined turnover of over £30 million.

    Board Advisers

    Dave Castell | Global Head Of Retail & Partnerships

    Global Head Of Marketing and Brand Partnerships for Entertainment for Microsoft

    Dave Castell has worked at the forefront of the converging media, digital, content, marketing, advertising and entertainment industries for the last 15 years, regularly engaging with youth, celebrity and brand marketing through music, games, film, consumer technology and mobile sectors. A uniquely seasoned ‘digital executive’, Dave progressed through early financial dotcom pioneer, and then his own first web agency, to head up Music, Games, Technology and Mobile for Tiscali from 2002-2007, launching their Showcase, Sessions, Radio and Downloads programmes. Dave led projects like Tiscali's flagship sponsorship, live Webcast and Sessions from the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds, plus the programmes with the 02 Wireless Festival which crossed over to Channel 4 TV.

    Dave then helped to form Tough Cookie – which was acquired by Whizz Kid Entertainment and Ingenious Media, and joined to run the outfit as Director Of New Media, working with all the major terrestrial and digital broadcasters and brands on 360 degree content creation, multiplatform formats and distribution.

    Founding Big Briefs in 2009 (specialising in digital entertainment consultancy, web build and content production), Dave consulted to the record breaking U2-YouTube global webcast from The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, for Google, U2 and Universal. The legendary webcast still boasts the largest global audience for concurrent online viewing. Other clients included PlayStation, Virgin Media, Skype and major campaigns with Samsung. He became Head Of Digital - and then Director Of Digital - for Seven, part of the Guardian Media Group, the leading multiplatform content marketing agency.There he was latterly in charge of all group digital development, strategy and M&A activity, as well as setting up the agency’s video offering and creating cross-platform content campaigns for brands like Sainsbury's, McDonalds and Aviva. In 2013 Dave joined Nokia as Head Of Europe for Nokia Entertainment, progressing to Global Head Of Marketing and Brand Partnerships for Entertainment for Microsoft in 2014. 

    Yvette Hoyle | CEO Coppola Productions

    Yvette has over 20 years media and business experience with diversified skills as a producer, including project management PR, marketing, creative development and packaging projects for finance. Yvette is developing a a slate of feature films Biopics & Drama that include Carpet Boy, Trapped in Perugia, and the “Sound of Silence’. Her direct and open approach has enabled her to have successful working partnerships with UK and international feature film producers. In 2011 Yvette joined Luminaire Films where she is a company Director and Co-Producer in the Ferrari Trilogy. 

    Cero Orsini

    Serial Entrepreneur with over 35 years’ experience in the Entertainment Industry and the restaurant world.

    Co-Founder of Hollywood Star Casting, Hong Kong

    Hollywood Star Casting was created as a database to the Entertainment Industry - Connecting people around the world and bringing new sponsors and advertisers.

    Co-Founder of Coppola Productions, London

    Having worked in the music and film industry in Hollywood and worldwide for over 35 years, he has direct access to top talent for the productions.

    Co-Founder of the Pomodoro Music Group, Hong Kong

    Providing live music bands for worldwide events

  • Market

    The social media market is a global market connecting over 1 Billion people on Facebook alone – add the likes of Weibo and other similar services and the total number is closer to 2 billion people. The revenues and ‘’ values’’ of Social Media companies are in the billions – tens of billions and growing.

    Fantrac is across all of these services and will monetise even the free social media services by providing a single combined view for the fans and run its own advertising and value added services. Producing an efficient, interesting and value added service to the Fans and revenues to the Celebrities.

    Some competition is beginning to emerge, such as Disciple Media, Fahlo, Mikz, My celebrity diary, Star club. Each offers an element of the Fantrac service  and Disciple offers more the Fantrac Strategy but we are still a long way ahead of each. Disciple for example is focused on Music and does not offer micro purchases of value added services. Each competitor appears to be slow to evolve but we are not complacent and watching each one carefully. The market is large enough for several competitors , even if they all evolve to the provide the same range of services as Fantrac.  However the number of businesses trying to enter the Fantrac market does support the premise that Fans will pay for exclusive access and content.



  • Milestones

    Our plans for 2016/17 are to increase the number of Celebrities and their Fans both numerically and globally. We have a number of negotiations taking place in the USA, Asia and Australasia which we believe will significantly increase our market position. We will continue to add more income generating services but moreover we will increase our revenues from Sponsored Apps and Advertising to a meaningful level that will attract more key Celebrities, shareholders and potential buyers for the business.

    That is our exit. We will possibly list the company on a stock exchange, but our target is to sell the business to an existing major media business within 2 to 3 years.

  • Key Data

    Segment Pre- IPO
    Market identifier FTRC
    Name Fantrac Global Ltd
    Short name FNG
    Sectors Entertainment
    ISIN N/A
    Currency GBP
    Trade post 1
    Trade start 2014-06-03
    Number of shares 363813
    Vat number 08409390
    Entity number 08409390
    Country United Kingdom
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    Stock type A


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