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Firescape has developed a suite of disruptive and extremely effective products designed to extinguish fires. The products have been developed in accordance with the strict guidelines to enable us to achieve the relevant accreditations and environmental acknowledgements.

Firescape Holdings

United Kingdom

  • Introduction



    The Fire Safety Market has sales of £2.98 Billion* per annum in the UK alone and yet because a significant percentage of purchases and solutions are sought to address compliance requirements rather than enhance safety, it prevents innovation being adopted to save lives and property.

    Firescape remit is to put fire safety at the forefront of our attention in both the commercial and domestic environments on a daily basis and offer solutions to deliver the peace of mind we should all desire.

    Firescape has developed a suite of disruptive and extremely effective products designed to extinguish fires. The products have been developed in accordance with the strict guidelines to enable us to achieve the relevant accreditations and environmental acknowledgements.

    * Source: Fire Industry Association (FIA) 2019 Feb report


    Route to Market:

    Firescape is essentially a health and safety / specialist fire prevention business. Accordingly the business requires the relevant accreditations, experience, credibility and expertise to bring the products to market.

    The board agreed that the fastest and least capital intensive was to adopt a partnership strategy with an existing Fire specialist company (EA-RS) to launch the UK market and create traction quickly.

    This approach will enable Firescape to run a lean operation, focusing on research and development and intellectual property protection, with shareholders benefitting from potentially significant royalty revenues (15% manufacturing royalty and a net sales commission) and subsequent dividend distributions.

    The Partnership for the UK market will be by way of a 51% owned subsidiary of Firescape Holdings wholly owned subsidiary Firescape Global, whereby EA-RS will own 49% and will cover all costs of bringing the product to markets under the full supervision of Holdings.

    As a subsidiary of Firescape Global it will report its full turnover and remove the minority at a profit level. Firescape Global will have a call option (at fair value) on the subsidiary for ultimate consolidation purposes.

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  • Management

    Gavin Cornelius | Managing Director

    As a leading figure within the Lithographic Industry and Research Analytical printing Gavin was presented with a prestigious award from Print Week Magazine in 2001. The science of Lithographic printing provided a strong understanding of chemistry and chemical reactions that have stood Gavin in good stead for the development stages of Firescape’s liquid and other technologies. In addition he has managed & owned various diverse businesses within the printing, marketing, media, renewable energy and home improvement sectors. Gavin has developed innovative ideas from concept to implementation, as well as roiling out a national campaign for a high street name.

    Dominic Berger | Chairman

    CEO and owner of Capital Plus Partners, an FCA regulated Corporate Finance company. Capital Plus has over 6,000 investor clients and advises companies on growth and financing. Dominic has extensive experience in building businesses with outstanding innovation. Dominic was Managing Director of, and successfully lead two IPOs – Venue Solutuions on AIM and Tangibal on Frankfurt.

    Paul Jameson | Director

    Paul has worked in Public Sector Social Housing for 20 years. A Director of Procurement for City West Homes, and more recently, Genesis with £600M of annual spend within his department.

    Dipesh Subba | Director

    Was the original founder Director who brought the opportunity to the Firescape team initially, and allowed us to upscale and develop the product. Dipesh served in the British Gurkha Army for several years. Upon leaving the armed forces Dipesh has been involved for over a decade in the UK in many commercial business as diverse as construction, travel & tourism, and social awareness fund raising in Nepal, along with a successful remittance business. Combining Dipesh’s love of British culture and his capacity to adopt Western products, he also exports Scotch Whiskey into Asia. Dipesh has previously looked to develop various innovative products to varying degrees of success and has put that valued experience into our products development.

    Richard Squire | Technical & Business Development Consultant

    Richard joined the London Fire Brigade in 1985 taking on a number of operational roles in many high profile incidents around the capital. As a senior officer since 2002, Richard, was part of the strategic management teams in the London Boroughs of Newham and Islington and later managed the Brigades Resource Management Centre. Richard became the Borough Commander for the London Borough of Waltham Forest in 2008, holding that post until his retirement in 2015. In 2010 Richard completed Post Graduate studies in Management and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Since his retirement from the LFB in 2015, Richard has employed his proven leadership skills and ability to think calmly and concisely on a consultancy basis helping Firescape work with a number of partners in the Fire sector. We are delighted that Richard is a key member of our team enabling us to not only understand the capabilities of the product, but also ensuring that we offer the product with the
    appropriate levels of training, and understanding of how to employ the product safely and effectively supplementing traditional methods of fire fighting. Richard has been instrumental in overseeing the roll out pilot with both LFB & DWFRS.

  • Market

    The current European market for fire extinguishers is set to exceed $1.4 billion in 2016.  The Company believes that this only accounts for one-quarter of the potential for its Products range.

    The Company’s approach to the market is to embrace the current, large FM companies and to encourage them to adopt the Company’s products and to act as a reseller and service provider.  There is no other similar product on the market

    The Company will operate in each country through regional licences to distributors and resellers.

    In on-going discussion with the UK Fire Brigades, the Directors are led to believe that feel that the Company’s Products have a realistic prospect, over time, of becoming a required standard from of fire protection even to the extent of attracting statutory obligations in certain instances.

    Interest has also been expressed by HM Prison Service, the NHS and large oil and exploration companies in the Middle East and Africa. Other opportunities are instanced by a potential customer seeking exclusivity for global motor sport applications.

    There will be a staged approach and launches over a number of years with conventional extinguishing products adopting our fluid to begin with, then the introduction of our on IP protected products such as smart fire extinguisher and smart aerosol as well as suppression systems.

    Future products such as fire retardant products can also be adopted using our solution following some further R&D.

  • Products/Services

    Firescape fluid and delivery systems are innovative products that provide a far more efficient way to extinguish fires. They have the potential to be very disruptive to the Fire Protection Market and are environmentally friendly.

    Pan-Safe: The only certified pan fire extinguishing sachet aimed at replacing the traditional fire blanket in both Domestic & Commercial situations. We have already achieved the relevant fire accreditation rating. As of 29th May 2019 the Patent is published on this product.

    Spray-Safe: The world’s first plastic aerosol extinguisher for the fire protection market. Containing 200ml, weighing only 300 grams and having passed all accreditation tests ( Di-Electric test to 35KVa) and being able to be used in 360 degrees position with no loss of flow, it’s the perfect first line of defence against small fires in Domestic & Commercial situations.May 2019 finally sees the product go into fully automatic production.

    AR-Safe: We have embedded a comprehensive training guide utilising Augmented Reality Technology into all of our products to both provide a thorough user manual and compliance record.

    Asset-Safe: Utilising discreet cost effective transmitters and tracking hubs we are able to provide a real time Asset register ensuring that the relevant Fire Fighting equipment is both in place and fit for purpose.

    Extinguish-Safe: We added our revolutionary FER1000 fluid to conventional extinguishers making a few adaptations to deliver the solution at its
    optimum ability to fight fire. They are the only water additive extinguishers certified for Classes A, B, and F and to have passed a 35KVa Di-Electric test meaning they suitable on live electrical equipment up to 1000v from a distance of, at best, a meter away.

    Room-Safe: A bespoke project being developed with a suppression expert QuenchFire, integrating our FER1000 solution into an affordable, transportable semi permanent high pressure mist system with in built early recognition fire (flame, heat, smoke) detection. Utilising the same technology that is in our Extinguish Safe products it will offer protection against a broad spectrum of fire categories and because it is considerably more effective than conventional fire media, it enables the storage tanks to be smaller. Delivering FER1000 as a fine mist reduces the ambient temperature of the room, extinguishing the fire and preventing reignition.
    We are confident that this product will offer a cost effective, semi permanent protection to the vulnerable in society.

    Bulk-Safe: We are able to deliver the FER1000 Solution in bulk to Fire Fighting Services to introduce into their Fire Fighting Vehicles / Appliances at a concentration of 6% to 94% water resulting in significant less toxic run off, as a result of less fire fighting medium used.

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