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Firescape Global

FIRESCAPE Global is launching a revolutionary, safe and environmentally friendly way to extinguish any type of fire, from a small frying pan, burning cars or houses to large forest fires. The fire-fighting solution encompass all absolute necessities for any fire fighting solution; SPEED –SAFETY – TIME and COST.

Firescape Global Ltd is the trading company of the group and a subsidiary of Firescape Holdings Ltd. All intellectual property and contracts are owned by Firescape Global Ltd.


Firescape Global

United Kingdom

    • Introduction

      Fires and Fire-fighting.
      Fire-fighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A fire fighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to protect lives and prevent the destruction of property and the environment.
      One of the major hazards associated with fire-fighting operations is the toxic environment created by combustible materials, the four major hazards being smoke, the oxygen deficient atmosphere, elevated temperatures, and toxic atmospheres. Additional risks of fire include falls and structural collapse that can exacerbate the problems entailed in this toxic environment. Fires can be extinguished by water, fuel removal, or chemical flame inhibition.
      In 2013-14 there were 322 fire-related deaths in Great Britain: 41% of fire-related deaths in Great Britain were caused by the victim being overcome by gas, smoke or toxic fumes. And this is just a snapshot of the latest available data for Great Britain…. fires occur world-wide!
      According to the UK Fire Services, nearly 20 people are killed or injured every day in accidental fires that start in the kitchen, the most common of these are caused by fat frying.

      The Problem.
      An all-too frequent problem with present fire extinguisher systems is user lack of awareness and knowledge on how the fire extinguisher works and how it needs to be operated.
      Using currently available devices generally also involves a degree of danger to the operator through his/her having to use a device close to the base of the fire.
      There is also a significant financial cost associated with most current products available, as they need regular annual testing and checking, at approximately £15 per unit, to maintain functionality and insurance covers.
      Kitchen fires, in particular, are still being addressed using fire blankets designed in the late-1950’s – a totally inadequate way to tackle such a fire.
      For larger applications, such as fire engines, the current foam and water solutions can take up to 25 times longer to extinguish a fire than the Firescape solution, thereby risking fire fighters’ lives. Time and cost are critical in achieving the desired effect.
      It is also important to note that since May 2009, Regulations in the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, and Japan banned new production of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS)-based products, including one of the major foam applications used as a standard fire suppression resource, as it had been shown as a persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic pollutant.

      The Solution
      The optimum fire-fighting solution must emphasise the essential elements that should be an absolute necessity for any fire extinguishing solution. These are SPEED – COST – TIME – SAFETY.
      The solution is the FIRESCAPE range of products, for both domestic and commercial applications. FIRESCAPE is a revolutionary, safe and environmentally friendly way to extinguish any type of fire, from a small frying pan (using the sachet) to a large forest fire (using the solution from aircraft dropping onto the flames).
      Using FIRESCAPE it is possible also substantially to reduce (perhaps even eliminate) excessive damage to property or affected items when the solution is used: furthermore, very little solution is required to be used to extinguish fires when compared with conventional methods and products.
      FIRESCAPE is the world’s leading-edge technology, enabling a fire to be extinguished in seconds, as opposed to multiple minutes, at best, with conventional products and systems and works on any type fire eliminating the need to have multiple extinguishers.

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    • Management

      Board member

      Tony Crawley | Chairman

      Tony Crawley has a successful background in owning and running multi million pound businesses within the construction, retail and local authority sectors and his wide-ranging international experience has enabled him to seek out exciting new products and business opportunities, of which Firescape is the most significant to date. Tony is a Founder shareholder

      Gavin Cornelius | Managing Director

      Gavin Cornelius has owned successful sales and marketing businesses in several sectors, from home improvement to renewable energies.  In 1996, Gavin set up a printing, media and marketing company that was responsible for such international brands as Nintendo, Black & Decker, Cummins Engines, etc.  Gavin is a Founder shareholder

      Chris Backhouse | FCA Finance Director

      Chris trained with KPMG and spent ten years in the accountancy profession, mainly with Ernst & Young.  His expertise includes business planning and development, corporate finance and merger & acquisition activity and raising finance for entrepreneurial businesses ranging in size from start-up to £50m turnover.  Has been involved in both services and manufacturing businesses, with operations in the UK and overseas, including venture capital-backed enterprises and has assisted in a number of management buy-outs and start-ups.

      Chris’s engagement is by way of a time flexible contract with FD Solutions, the UK’s leading professional service firm providing Finance Director services to the SME sector.

      Andrew Clay | Lawyer / Contracts/ IP

      Andrew  is a highly respected Lawyer  with over 25 years of experience working within the international Law firm   Squire Patton Boggs and works for the business directly on a retained independent service advising the business on contracts, IP and general commercial and company legal advice and law.

      Richard Squire | Technical Consultant, Fire Services & Military Lia

      Richard is a highly experienced senior manager with a wealth of expertise gained from within a wide and diverse range of roles associated with operational and critical incident management. He has proven leadership skills combined with sound decision making, communication and organisational capabilities, specialising in interoperability and multi-agency working based on a career within one of the largest Fire and Rescue organisations in the world. Richard was a member of the London Fire Brigade since 1985 and Borough Commander for Waltham Forest from 2008 to 2015 and was the Brigade lead for the service standard for operational training. Previously Richard had responsibility for the Brigades resource management and incident support capability and has been part of the senior management teams in the London Boroughs of Islington and Newham.

    • Market

      The current European market for fire extinguishers is set to exceed $1.4 billion in 2016.  The Company believes that this only accounts for one-quarter of the potential for its Products range.

      The Company’s approach to the market is to embrace the current, large FM companies and to encourage them to adopt the Company’s products and to act as a reseller and service provider.  There is no other similar product on the market

      The Company will operate in each country through regional licences to distributors and resellers.

      In on-going discussion with the UK Fire Brigades, the Directors are led to believe that feel that the Company’s Products have a realistic prospect, over time, of becoming a required standard from of fire protection even to the extent of attracting statutory obligations in certain instances.

      Interest has also been expressed by HM Prison Service, the NHS and large oil and exploration companies in the Middle East and Africa. Other opportunities are instanced by a potential customer seeking exclusivity for global motor sport applications.

      There will be a staged approach and launches over a number of years with conventional extinguishing products adopting our fluid to begin with, then the introduction of our on IP protected products such as smart fire extinguisher and smart aerosol as well as suppression systems.

      Future products such as fire retardant products can also be adopted using our solution following some further R&D.

    • Products/Services

      FIRESCAPE’ is a unique, new and more efficient way than any known to exist in the global market at present for extinguishing fires’ when compared with any other process and there are other distinct Products in the range.

      A range of initial products have been developed including:

      1. Pansafe and Chefsafe (sachet)
      2. Raw bulk fluid
      3. Rapid Aerosol
      4. Fire extinguishers (for lease only)

      Smart fire extinguishers are another future application which allows fire extinguishers to be serviced and monitored remotely thus bringing extinguishers into the ever growing smart home business market. This already has huge insurance interest and it is likely to become legislation driven.

      All products contain a cooling agent which does not allow the fire to re-ignite, following application of the extinguisher fluid.  Hence, items that were previously on fire, once extinguished, are cool to the touch. This adds an important additional safety and recovery feature and also enhances the quality of available forensic evidence, which is of significant interest to Special Forces as well as the Police and Fire Brigades.

      The Product has been extensively tested by professional testing facilities (including the principal UK Fire Brigades and the UK’s Fire Services College) and Force Technology Laboratories, to demonstrate not only its high performance levels but also its non-toxic properties.

      As a result, following its review and evaluation of the outcomes from that testing process the London Fire Brigade has agreed that it is prepared, for the first time in its history, to authorise Firescape to carry its LFBE logo of accreditation on all our products.  This has now enabled LFBE to become an authorised reseller for Firescape.

      The manufacturing operations are all fully certified and insured   

    • Key Data

      Financial Projections for the first four years of operation, from start-up, have been created on the basis of detailed estimates made by the Board.

      The Directors believe the accompanying projections represent a realistic scenario, based on a full cost base allied to prudent levels of revenue, as regards to both generation and timescales.

      Since establishing FIRESCAPE the Directors have been able to assess the scope and range of applications for the Products and the extent of retail, commercial and industrial interest that can be generated in them once they are released.  Accordingly, they consider the financial projections presented here to be very conservative nature.

      These projections also reflect the many expressions of interest that have already been received, albeit informally, but nevertheless in many cases backed up by confirmations of local availability of the anticipated initial capital commitments to be required of potential licensees, from third parties desirous of securing exclusive licensing rights to the Products in territories around the globe.

      Further, potentially significant income will be sourced through the monetising of associations to be developed within the insurance industry. In addition, training revenues will form a further source of income generation.

      For the purposes of these initial projections, however, the financial impact of any form of marketing or other association with the insurance industry has been omitted.  Reference is made here solely because the Directors consider this to be a market that will prove to be very productive over time, mindful of the global reach of the sort of multinational insurance entities likely to be interested.

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      Name Firescape Global
      Short name FEC
      Currency GBP
      Entity number 09770600
      Country United Kingdom
      Instrument type share
      Share class A

      Head Office:  63 St. Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8AA

      Registered Office: 1 Sopwith Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 8YU

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