GloblMed Ltd

We believe people should be able to access the best quality medical services in the most cost effective, stress-free, and enjoyable manner possible, regardless of where they live.

Our mission is to create a global e-marketplace to help consumers of healthcare services make quality-driven choices and get the best value.

GloblMed Ltd

United Kingdom

  • Introduction

    GloblMed Ltd Demo from Angel Business Club TV on Vimeo.

    Business Plan

    GloblMed will generate revenues through fees and commissions from:

    • Clinic marketing/administrative fees (10% of client revenues) plus subscriptions
    • Subscriptions for GloblMed “white label” platforms (average US$300 per month)
    • B2B and B2G partnering (15% of savings)
    • Hotel, transportation and other travel related services (9-17% of transaction)
    • Insurance (20-40% of policy)
    • Revenue sharing with technology partners
    • Advertising on website

    3 Keys To Success

    1. development of a fully integrated, automated technology platform that will be “white labeled” for B2B and B2G customers, and as a user-friendly website for B2C clients;
    2. formation of strategic relationships with a global network of credentialed medical service providers to allow instant access to clinical availability and price per procedure. Quotes will then be bundled with travel & accommodation services based on customer preferences;
    3. relationships with B2B and B2B users such as insurance providers, companies & governments, giving GloblMed access to millions of customers.

    Quality Control

    To maintain the highest quality services for our customers, GloblMed will only partner with accredited medical and dental providers. In the USA, medical service providers must be accredited by the Federation of State Medical Boards or the National Board of Medical Examiners. In the UK, medical service providers must be accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) or be members of the Health Professions Council (HPC), the regulatory body responsible for setting and maintaining standards of professional conduct within allied professions such as physiotherapy.

    Our strict criteria for clinics to be considered part of GloblMed’s provider network are:

    • Must have recognised international accreditation
    • Must have been practising for at least 3 years
    • Must have no less than 3 medical practitioners
    • Must have practitioners with no less than MD, MBChB, DMD, DDs, BChD, BDent or equivalent
    • Must have recognized national insurance coverage
    • Must have written testimonials from satisfied customers that can be contacted by GloblMed to verify treatment
    • Must have at completed at least 500 procedures
    • Must contractually accept regular inspections by GloblMed

    We seek to dominate both national and international high  quality medical travel, arbitraging clinical price differentials

    Full integration with leading clinical management and travel  systems allows seamless service comparison and booking

    Confirmation of quoting incorporates a bidding process so clinics can tailor their offer to the patient’s risk profile

    Additional products and services offered at check-out

    Go to market based on search for “out-of-town” clinics and  achieving initial scale by white-labeling for B2B, B2G

    Go to market based on search  restricted to “out-of-town” clinics.

    • Drives travel booking fees
    • Clinics more keen to join
    • Higher price differentials

    Initial scale obtained  by partnering with Insurers, Gvmt, Corps

    • White label platforms
    • Savings profit share
    • Millions of end-users

    This allows GloblMed to leverage multiple revenue streams:

    • Clinic Marketing - Subscription / 10% of revenue
    • B2B, B2G Partnering - 15% of savings
    • Hotel & Transport - 8-15% of transaction
    • Insurance & Services - 20-40% of policy price
    • Paid advertising - Pay-Per-Click & Fixed Fee

    No competitor offers a fully automated booking experience

  • Management

    Dr. Timothy Ashby, PhD, JD, MBA  − CEO & Founder

    Tim has over 30 years of international experience in law, corporate transactions and technology marketing. Previously, he served as Founder and  CEO of Siboney Ltd., Federal Regulatory Compliance Services LLC, and EVP of Global Marketing for Silicon Valley based technology company Caldera/SCO,  and the Advanced Technology Solutions practice of Grant Thornton. A former senior official with the US Commerce Department, Tim also  worked in Eastern Europe for Ernst & Young’s International Privatisation and Restructuring Services Group. Tim holds an honours  MBA from Edinburgh University, a PhD magna cum laude from the University of Southern California, and a Juris Doctor cum laude  from  Seattle University School of Law.


    Paul Duncan − Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

    Paul is responsible for the software development team who deliver both the front end website and the backend systems. He served as  Director of Development of Borro Ltd and as technical lead for Visit London where he was responsible for implementing a large, 1m hits a week website  integrating multiple data feeds for event and accommodation information.  Paul has a background in financial and telecoms software and extensive experience of CMS systems where he has delivered large sites for both mobile and web browsers.  He also worked on projects at a range of successful companies including Egg, Nortel, Orange, Motorola, Disney, GMAC Finance and City Index. Paul has  a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Birmingham University.


    Hannah Lindsay – Marketing & Business Development Director

    Hannah has over 20 years of experience in driving effective sales and marketing strategies in leading retail and business environments. She  has developed and directed complex sales strategies and new market penetration projects, whilst maintaining high levels of service delivery.  Her background includes serving as an account director for JWT, a division of the world’s largest marketing communications  company. Hannah has a BA from Leeds Beckett University. She also ran DeBeers’ global business development, including devising and  implementing a franchise model.


    Rosemary Forsyth  − Director of Talent Management

    In 1981, Rosemary founded the Forsyth Group (, the first venture search consultancy to focus on  emerging technology markets. She conducts “C” and Board level assignments across all technology sectors globally. A key  contributor to the investment community, Rosemary was an angel investor in Net-A-Porter, a partner at Waterbridge Capital, and is an  investor and LP in Seedcamp Funds I-III, and a founding member of AngelLab. Rosemary holds a Master’s degree with honors in  Psychology and an M.Litt degree in Educational Psychology, both from Aberdeen University in Scotland. She sits on the Aberdeen Univ. Sixth  Century Campaign Board, the Board of Governors of the School of Communication & Arts 2.0, and is on the Advisory Board of TalentPuzzle,  BraveNewTalent and 2210 Fashion.


    Andrew Fulton, MA, LLB − Executive Chairman

    Andrew served for over 30 years in the British Diplomatic Service with in Saigon, Rome, East Berlin, Oslo, the United Nations in New York and finally Washington DC.  As a specialist in intelligence and security affairs, since retiring from the foreign service Andrew has held Chairman and other senior board positions in a number of leading global corporate investigation and risk management companies. Andrew is President (formerly Founding Chairman) of the Scottish North American Business Council, part of the leading transatlantic networking group British American Business Council.  He is a past Chairman of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party and was a Visiting Professor at his alma mater the University of Glasgow School of Law. Amongst other roles Andrew sits on the advisory board of several charitable bodies including Age Scotland and International Street Papers.


    Jason Harris – Executive Director

    Jason is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tredic Corporation He holds a 1st class Honours degree in Business and Finance, and an MBA with Distinction in Real Estate & International Management. He is a professionally qualified Chartered Management Consultant and Chartered Surveyor, an RICS qualified assessor & Board member and a former holder of young property person of the year. Jason began his career as a strategy consultant, later moving into real estate development & emerging market fund management & investment. He serves on the Boards of three international companies, holds two non-executive directorships and is the principal advisor to a British private equity & venture capital organisation.  His experience includes over $6bn of investment transaction & development activity across the USA, UK & Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Balkans, Middle East, Africa, and the former Soviet Bloc.


    Dr Constantine Rossolimos, MD − Global Clinic Network Acquisition Advisor

    Dr. Rossolimos supports the development of MediValue’s medical service provider network in the Asia-Pacific Region, Saudi Arabia and  the Gulf States, the UK and Continental Europe. Dr. Rossolimos is a family physician with over 30 years of global healthcare experience,  and served as an executive director on the Netcare board, the largest provider of private healthcare in South Africa and the UK. He is a  member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves on the International Liaison Committee. Currently an Associate Director  at one of the largest advisory companies in the world, he serves on the firm’s Emerging Markets strategy committee responsible for the  SADC African countries. He led due diligence audits of government run hospitals, including 21 primary care and community clinics in  Abu Dhabi, and of the Prasit Patana Public Company in Thailand, which included a full audit of central hospitals, district hospitals,  clinics and out-patients. Dr. Rossolimos also held Executive and Non-Executive Directorships at leading Healthcare organisations,  including the Hospitals Association of South Africa, Clinic Holdings Ltd., Excel Med Holdings, and the Maddocs Healthcare Organisation.


    Dr Peter Botha, MD − Global Health Insurance Acquisition Advisor

    Dr. Botha has a thorough understanding of health insurance economics and is a specialist in identifying value drivers and strategic options  in various health markets. He will use these skills for MediValue’s development of the global health insurance market segment as well as  forging strategic relationships with accredited medical services providers. Dr. Peter Botha is currently Chairman of African Medical PLC, a  London Stock Exchange AIM listed private hospital business. Dr. Botha served as the Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Health at Liberty  Holdings Ltd. Before joining Liberty, Dr. Botha served as the Managing Director of Momentum Africa and as Managing Director of African  Life Health (Pty) Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanlam Developing Markets Limited. He served as Director of Clinical Development for NHS Lifehouse  in the UK. He has 22 years’ experience in the health industry. He serves as a Director of Total Health Trust Limited. He holds  an MBBCH and MBA.


    Theodore Macauley − SE Asia Business Development Advisor

    Mr. Macauley has an extensive network of contacts in Healthcare in SE Asia, and will support GloblMed on securing marketing contracts with  government medical travel promotion agencies, as well as access to leading clinic networks in the region. Mr. Macauley is International  Director SE Asia, for Scientific American magazine. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ted’s role in business development involves close strategic  planning with the Malaysian Government in the key sectors of Bio Tech, Healthcare and Oil and Gas. He is the author of Health Travel 2.0, a  medical travel report with a strategic focus on Malaysia. Ted is fluent in three languages and has a BA degree from George Washington  University, Washington DC.

  • Market

    Global medical travel market expected to more than double to $136bn by 2023.

    There is exponential growth in both numbers of medical travel consumers and expenditures.

    Of the estimated 15m patients traveling abroad, 51% spent $10,000 to $50,000 and 16% spent $50,000 to $100,000. 50% of the  patients’ care was paid through insurance or government coverage versus 40% self-pay.

    Almost 80% of patients spend between one and four weeks abroad for their procedure. This number is almost evenly split between those who spend 1-2 weeks and those who spend 2-4 weeks at their destination. 11% spend more than four weeks abroad.

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