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Mycab International S.A.

Mycab business idea is to elevate the traditional taxi journey to a full-fledged travel product that provides business travelers with a quality assured, simplified and more cost effective travel.

  • Introduction

    Mycab gives your travellers access to available, reliable, safe transportation options, enabling both B2B and B2C services, with efficient financial and cost-reporting solutions. All while generating significant revenue streams for businesses.

    Since 2008, has earned its reputation as a “first-mover” and an established leader in the provision of centralised, global ground transportation for business travellers (among others), boasting advanced centralised inventory technologies. This constant growth and innovation has resulted in an established presence across 155 destinations in 63 countries.

    The Mycab concept has stemmed from the need and focus of provision of accessible and fair deals pertaining to ground transport related issues of the business traveler.

    The inspiration and purpose of creating this business entity can be traced back to the operations of a Swedish company Netrevelation AB (publ). The company invested approximately $10 million in their product and system development over the years and to further this concept became a listed company in the stock exchange in 2001.

    By 2008 the company had announced its contract with Mycab International SA for international expansion. The intention was to roll out the system and products worldwide through partnerships and cooperation.

    In 2011 Mycab International SA acquired the Swedish operation, from Netrevelation AB (publ) along with all rights and brands in an asset deal. 

    In 2012 Mycab International S.A. became listed, in Stockholm, at a secondary market known as Aktietorget. 

    Mycab and Flygtaxi enter into cooperation and wins Swedish government procurement regarding nationwide taxi services worth SEK 100 million plus.

    Mycab divests its Swedish train transfer product to Flygtaxi. The restructured Swedish operation forms a base for Mycab international roll out.

    In June 2012 Mycab launches its international Flight Transfer product - Mycab® Flight Transfer.

    Most of the times the business travelers have to face time crunches, during their tours across countries. Thus, Mycab has developed holistic methodologies to offer absolutely secure and cost-effective travel solutions to business travelers to ensure that they reach their destinations in a timely fashion, using taxis as the primary travelling medium. 

    Mycab business model is transaction based with a two pronged revenue stream strategy; from customers and from service providers. The proposed services are offered through an IT-System, known as Netsys™, which encompasses the entire travel process and creates extra value addition that cannot be achieved without this system approach.

    From the customer perspective this implies that extra value additions are attached with the transport which the customer is keen to pay for. From service provider perspective the system approach provides a streamlined, lean and efficient production method, for which the service provider is prepared to offer discounts.

    Mycab vision is to upgrade the status of the traditional taxi industry as a whole and link it with the travel industry. This is realized by offering quality assured taxi travel through the travel industry’s established booking channels, and by simplifying booking, transportation and administration process for travelers.

    Mycab mission is to provide clients a cost effective, convenient and secured travel by taxis on a global scale. By doing this, we will also contribute to our business partners development and prosperity, and generate maximum value for shareholders.

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  • Management

    Board members

    Roger Blomquist | Director

    Roger is the founder of Mycab idea and has held leading positions since inception in early 90´s. He is holding senior executive positions as CEO in Mycab International S.A. Mycabtravel Pakistan Ltd, Mycabtravel Scandinavia AB and Netrevelation Technologies AB.

    Nedim Cehajic | Director

    Nedim Cehajic is from Mycab, originally joined Netrevelation as Accounting Manager in 2002 and from 2012 as CFO in Mycab International. Before joining Netrevelation Nedim held managing positions in Bosnia, including the regional employment agency office; Biro Za Zaposljavanje Prijedor.

    Jodat Nadeem | Chairman

    Jodat is from banking industry and before joining Mycab he was regional manager in HSBC Middle East. Banking experience is 20 years spanning from consumer banking operations to relationship bulding with corporate and multinational companies.

  • Market

    The global travel- and tourism industry is forecasted a total sale at USD 60001 Billion for the year 2011, and has over the years demonstrate an annual growth at 4.2%. This growth is expected to continue.

    Approximately 20 %, of total global travel industry sales is related to business travel, which makes the business travel segment to a global USD 1200 Billion market.

    Cost for flight transfer and in-destination Pick&Drop on business tours constitutes approximately 10 % of the total travel cost for business travel. Hence the market for the products that Mycab is offering currently constitutes a USD 120 Billion market.

    Being first in the global market, with a uniform ground transportation concept, it becomes evident that the concept will enjoy the "First Mover" status and enjoy extra financial gains from this.

    Barriers to copy the concept and entry to the market is challenging because the success factor is heavily dependent on developing the highly sophisticated technology needed to handle global processes. Mycab has the required systems to take this golden opportunity and to become synonymous with ground transportation in the travel industry.


  • Products/Services

    The travel products of Mycab are Mycab® Flight Transfer and Mycab® Pick & Drop. These services promises to offer a hassle free solution to convenience, superior services and cohesive expense administration during one´s business tours.

    Mycab travel products can be booked through travel agency, Internet or 24/7 Call Centre. This has been made possible by the in-house developed taxi booking system Netsys™ V5 which has also been designed and adapted to integrate with the worlds large travel distribution systems, known as GDS (Global Distribution Systems).


  • Key Data

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    Market identifier MCAB SDB
    Name Mycab International S.A.
    Short name MCI
    Sectors Travel and tourism
    ISIN SE0004390946
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    Trade start 2014-06-01
    Number of shares 443054341
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    Södergatan 14

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    151 11 Helsingborg