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The Natural Drinks Company

The Natural Drinks Company was founded by its CEO – Ian Minton, a type one diabetic. Frustrated at the extremely limited choice of zero sugar products available on the market Ian set about to make his own. In 2016  the concept brand Frutree was launched and its initial success is phenomenal. The Company is planning for new products to meet other target groups in UK, as well as on the European market.

    • Introduction

      To pioneer the best ways of refreshing the world’s thirst for a better life

      The Natural Drinks Co was born out of a simple desire to create delicious, all-natural, sugar-free soft drinks made with nothing but the purest ingredients.

      In the past 18 months there has been a heightened awareness of sugar content in food and drinks, that has led to the UK government implementing a sugar tax on soft drinks as of Apr 2018.

      We want to revolutionise the soft drinks industry by challenging the way things are currently done with a natural sugar-free alternative to the market that doesn't compromise on taste but helps facilitate healthier lifestyles.

      In January 2016, we began with our first conceptual launch of Frutree, a fruit flavoured, sugar free spring water for children. Our aim was to test the product in the market and gain consumer feedback where we have sold an estimated 4.4 million bottles in the last 18 months through various national retail outlets.

      Later this year we are launching Agua Tierra. This is a delicious, refreshing, naturally flavoured spring water containing no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. We plan for this to be available in a range of delicious fruit flavours across all major retailers.

      Following on from the success and rapid growth of the British company Fevertree who are now worth nearly £2.3b, we plan to launch an exciting range of premium mixers known as Skinny Tonic, - an all natural, zero calorie, zero sugar, slimline alternative.

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    • Management

      Board Members

      Ian Minton | Founder and CEO

      Ian, a Type 1 diabetic, started this journey in early 2012 and has been responsible for guiding the company to the current position. Having seen a gap in the market for a sugar-free soft drink, he developed the use of natural sweetener within his drinks to create a stand-alone brand. Ian is dedicated to revolutionising the soft drinks market by bringing healthy, natural alternatives that contain zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners.

      Paul D Finnegan | Managing Director

      Paul has brought a raft of experience to the business in sales, distribution and technology. A firm believer in healthy living, Paul is committed to making a difference in the soft drink category and bringing our products to the market.

      Paul J Finnegan | Non-executive Chairman

      Paul was appointed a Director of the Company at its formation in April 2015 and became Chairman in September following a significant investment by him and his family. The Finnegan family today own 30% of the share capital. Previously he was founder and CEO and founder of Rage Software PLC between 1999 till 2003, at its peak it had a market value of over £100m and the business was eventually sold to three different American publishers.  He then advised, and invested in, another software development company in the Midlands which was eventually sold to the publishing company Activision. Paul is currently a 50% partner in glass manufacturing business, and has a number of other interests and investments in various private companies.

      Mike Carr | Non-executive Director

      Mike has 30 years of experience running and owning one of the UK’s top ten industrial services companies. He has worked at all levels of the business and is currently the Managing Director after having completed his second company sale to a French multi national. Mike is responsible for building the company to a £32 million turnover and has consistently delivered positive EBITDA results.

      Other Management

      Jenny Finnegan | Brand Director
      Sean Oprey | Finance Manager
      Sarah Hurn | Marketing Director (Consultant)
    • Market

      Competitor Analysis

      The £1.9bn UK soft drinks market is dominated by the two major drinks companies, but also remains a somewhat fragmented market with a diverse range of smaller manufacturers also competing for market share. The two leading manufacturers are Coca Cola Enterprises and Britvic Soft Drinks who have in excess of 75% of the value share of the market.  A high percentage of the Big Two’s business is in carbonated soft drinks, which is the sector of the market most at jeopardy from the change in attitude to sugar and the proposed Sugar Tax. This is likely to impact significantly on their overall performance, future growth and ultimately their profitability. Both Coca Cola and Britvic have made efforts to tap into the healthy product opportunity but with so much volume and value in their traditional brands it is difficult for them to justify the time and investment to develop and market the new variants.

      With regard to the market for children’s fruit drinks the two leading brands are:

      Fruit Shoot (Britvic)

      The biggest brand in the children's drink market is Fruit Shoot, made by Robinsons. Fruit Shoot was launched in the year 2000 and now sells in excess of 500million bottles per year. Their most popular selling drink; apple and blackcurrant no added sugar actually contains 1.6 grams of sugar per 200 ml serving and Acesulfame K and Sucralose artificial sweeteners.

      Fruit shoot was seen as a better alternative to some of the heavily sugared carbonated drinks like Coca Cola, however as consumer awareness has grown about the side effects of artificial sweeteners there has been a huge backlash especially from mums/gatekeepers. 

      They also have a 'my 5' range, these contain between 16.5 g and 17.5 grams of sugar per 200ml serving and a 'Hydro' range which is zero sugar but contains both Acesulfame K and Sucralose.

      The most recent figures available show that in 2012 sales of Fruit Shoot were £96m. 

      Capri Sun (Coca Cola)

      Capri Sun is another popular children's drink that is situated near Frutree on the retailer’s shelves. Capri sun have several flavours containing between 17g and 24g per 200ml serving. They also manufacture a no added sugar variant, this contains 1.6 g of sugar and sucralose artificial sweetener.

      The concern is that the retailer’s sees these as healthy options in the children’s drinks market and consumers alike, which is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

      There is no doubt that the large corporate organisations will attempt to address the healthy zero sugar options but to date they have been slow to respond due to the fact that they have such a large percentage of their business in key brands which are sugar based with a strong consumer following. Their marketing approach is to try and deflect this major issue with clever marketing without addressing the real issue at source. A key part of our strategy is to drive accelerated growth with an aggressive Education and Marketing program in 2015-2016, which will require significant funding.

    • Products/Services

      The Natural Drinks Company has undertaken four years of product development based on the use of Stevia, and they have created a range of soft drinks, all of which share the same key attributes:

      o    Zero Sugar

      o    No Calories

      o    Great Taste

      o    Contain Only Naturally Sourced Products

      o    Free of All Artificial Additives and colours


      Made with natural spring water and wonderful fruit flavours, the Frutree range of sugar free drinks are great to help keep kids refreshed when running, jumping, playing and exploring. 3 great fruity flavours, the Company have a range of great tasting drinks for families to enjoy every day. Every bottle is completely FREE from sugar, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. The line is stocked in 3000 stores across the UK and is sold in 4 packs of 250ml bottles.


      o    Apple & Blackcurrant

      o    Raspberry & Blueberry

      o    Orange & Mango


      Frutree’s target demographic is the Gatekeeper/Parent, through the appeal of zero sugar, no artificial sweeteners and calorie free, however; the Company are also trying to target the child through brightly coloured, eye catching packaging, to push the child to pressure the parent to purchase the product. TNDC are not planning to invest much into the Frutree product range, instead focusing their investments on the developments and launches of the adult’s ranges Agua Tierra and Skinny Mixers.

      LAUNCH     December 2015


      Agua Tierra is a fruit flavoured spring water, using similar principles to Frutree. The product is launching wth four fruity flavours in Q1 2018. We have secured the biggest girl band on the planet to act as brand ambassador for Agua Tierra.


      o    Raspberry & Blueberry

      o    Apple & Pear

      o    Strawberry & Lime

      o    Grapefruit & Yuzu


      Agua Tierra’s target demographic is primarily 16-25 year olds, with the broader aim if appealing to all demographics. TNDC plan to invest £2.2m into the Agua Tierra range, with the hope of seeing large orders and substantial profits within the first two years.

      LAUNCH     January 2018


      The Company has designed a range of Skinny Tonics to be targeted at the premium adult market. The level of sugar in standard and diet tonic waters and other mixers is rarely appreciated. The Company believes that the Natural Drinks Company’s range of sugar-free tonics will differentiate its products amongst discerning adult drinkers and will command a premium price point.


      o    Original Indian Tonic Water


      Skinny Tonic is aimed at 18-45 year olds.  The goal is to stock the range in bars, restaurants and clubs around the world. Over the next two years, TNDC are planning to invest approximately £4m in the Skinny Mixers range, with the future intent of developing new and exciting flavours.

      LAUNCH     January 2018

    • Milestones

      The Board will consider a number of potential exit opportunities for investors. They believe that there are significant growth opportunities and that, as the recent success of Fever-Tree has demonstrated, there is considerable appetite and support amongst investors for a companies in this sector. An exit could be met through an eventual IPO on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. This may be possible even as soon as H2 2018 subject to delivery of the business plan and general stock market conditions.

      The Board also realises that the UK soft drinks market is developing rapidly, in response to the growing concerns over sugar and the sugar tax. The major drinks companies are keen to maintain market share and the TNDC products may represent an irresistible method of accelerating their entry in to the zero sugar market. If so, the valuation that TNDC may attract from one of the major drinks companies could also provide an exit opportunity.

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