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The Rockster Ltd

Rockster is an aspirational dog food brand drawing on European luxury & quality targeted to dog owners offering Life-Enhancing Products with stylish design that are differentiated, innovative and “best of the best”. The Company is setting new standards for quality, design, transparency & traceability within the industry; Reassuringly expensive and on trend with current scientific shift to microbiome balance 

The Rockster Ltd

Acre House, London | United Kingdom

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  • Introduction

    An Authentic Luxury Brand That Rocks your Dog’s World

    “Every Once in a While a Dog Enters Your Life and Changes Everything…”


    Ours is a story where sometimes an act of compassion brings in turn a rock in life, whose love, loyalty and guardianship has been absolute.

    We found and rescued a dying dog from the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples during our honeymoon in May 2004, forcing us to cancel what was left of our holiday as our hotel did not accept dogs.

    We set out on our life journey as a family together with The Rockster, whose name came from “Rock” from Rocky Agusta (who was with us that fateful day) and “ster” from Monster (Sven’s nickname), taking him everywhere we went as our real life honeymoon baby. Our children would be entertained night after night with stories about their beloved dog’s journey from the back streets of Naples to finding us, and his hilarious adventures in the South of France, Salzburg, Munich, Como, Paris, London and of course St Moritz.

    The truth is, our incredible and wonderful mutt from Napoli has rescued us back in so many ways - we owe him both our family and our marriage. He became the rock that has seen us through the ups and downs of life, always there with his paw whenever we needed a hand. Our Rockster in every way…

    The Story of Rockster’s Superfood

    As The Rockster got older he became increasingly fussy and difficult to feed, rejecting in the end even the most “natural” commercial food unless he was so hungry he forced himself to eat something. Most importantly by 2014 the signs of aging were taking over, his health and mobility were deteriorating rapidly and we feared he may not have long left.

    It dawned on us that he had eaten to survive all those years rather than actually enjoying food with such low quality ingredients. The guilt we felt when we learned what was actually inside even the most premium foods we had unwittingly given him over the years, led us to try and undo some of that damage.

    With the help of Germany’s most respected canine nutritionist and industry expert, we set out to create a food for The Rockster that not only would he love eating, but harnessed the natural powers of nutrient rich “superfoods” in specific formulas and sufficient quantities, to restore his wellbeing and potentially extend his life. We targeted the prevention of cancer and everything that we had seen deteriorate in The Rockster’s health over the 10 years since we rescued him. Importantly, every ingredient had to be fully traceable and the best human-grade quality money could buy.

    The result was a superfood that has not only restored his love for food, but has turned around The Rockster’s health and mobility in a way that has been remarkable. No-one can believe he is at least anywhere between 16 and 19 years old which 3 years ago was but a dream. Miraculously in August 2016 he became a dad to the Pawsome Pupsters, who are living proof that Rockster Superfood reaches the parts other foods can't reach!

    It has been a joy to see the new lease of life given to our beloved Rockster and to witness how it has rocked the tastebuds and world of every dog, large and small, that has tried it. Rockster Super Bone Broth was made originally for both the Pawsome Pupsters and our own children, to give them a start in life like no other.

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  • Management

    Board Members

    Zoe Ley | Chairman

    Founder & Managing Director, Chairman of the Board

    Zoe (nee Appleyard) graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and had a successful career in the City, first at Merrill Lynch and then at NM Rothschild where Zoe was the managing Director of Rothschild Ventures.  Zoe subsequently started and Life Capital which she successfully sold to Durlacher in 2003, now Panmure Gordon and owned by QInvest.  Due to her Godfather, Sir John Vane, Zoe specialised in medical ventures including Viacell, Silence Therapeutics, Cardiatis and also advised Channel Four in its corporate and brand restructuring.  Zoe also founded the Life Neurological Research Trust in 2000 and has been a Trustee of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.  In 2004 Zoe was honoured by the Queen as one of the 200 “high achieving” women in England alongside Margaret Thatcher, JK Rowling and Tamara Mellon and was elected by Management Today in 2003 & 2005 as one of the most powerful women in England under 35 years old.  Zoe is mother of Balthazar and Clementine and helped to develop Rockster food alongside some of Germany’s leading nutritionists based around the autoimmune responses triggered by dysbiosis within the gut microbiome.  Following the success of the food, Zoe cancelled her advisory contract with Cardiatis to focus on building The Rockster Limited.

    Sven Ley | Director

    Founder & Managing Director, Board Director

    Sven Ley is the only child of Margaretha & Wolfgang Ley, founders of ESCADA and has grown up within the Luxury brand industry.  Under the management of the Ley family, the Escada group grew to sales of $1.5 billion.  Sven graduated with a Masters in Economics from Webster University in Geneva and aside from working within Escada and other group companies such as Primera in Hong Kong, Sven has advised or initiated a number of brands ranging from clothing to watches.  Following the bankruptcy of Escada under new management, Sven launched a high profile bid to buy back Escada together with Zoe and a number of prominent figures from retail and the fashion industry.  He is the co-founder of a successful online art business operated out of Munich and advised brands such as Huntsman prior to co-founding The Rockster Ltd. Sven is known for his global contact base and speaks 4 languages. 

    Charlotte Clark | Non-Executive Director

    Charlotte Clark founded INCA Productions in 1999 having studied fashion design, building it to become the leading event and marketing agency with clients including Chanel, Samsung, Prada, Dom Perignon, IWC and Breitling.  INCA is engaged in a variety of diverse projects including the British Fashion Awards and luxury product launches such as Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover and is a market leader in delivering creative strategy to transform businesses both in the UK and US.  Charlotte has been a non-executive Director of The Rockster Limited since its inception and has helped to provide creative strategy and direction.


    Zoe and Sven Ley | Managing Directors

    see board members

    Hector Agnew | Operations Manager

    Hector originally came to work with Rockster as an intern in September 2016 and has become a permanent full time member of the team having impressed us with his work ethic and fantastic customer feedback.  Hector graduated from Eton College in 2011 with A levels in Geography, Economics and Biology going on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree (2.1) from Edinburgh University in Geography in 2016.  During his gap year he worked as a teacher at Ludgrove and spent 6 months travelling South America, Australia and New Zealand. Hector is responsible for fulfilment, office management and other operations including communicating with UK customers, both retail and wholesale.  Hector is a dog lover who has grown up with dogs all his life.

    Bianca Boulton Major | Head of Nutrition & Product Development

    Until recently Bianca has been the head of Nutrition for Natural Instinct presiding over its growth to £10m of turnover as one of very few fully qualified nutritionists in the UK and the US, holding a BSc (hons), PGDip Nutrition & Canine Nutrition, MSFTR, CPN. Working as a veterinary nurse, Bianca realised the lack of un-biased support and information for optimal diet formulation for pets. Furthering her degree and post-grads in Human and Animal Nutrition, she has studied in the US and the UK and is one of a few Certified Companion Animal Nutritionist in the UK. Bianca is passionate about improving pet nutrition and within the UK she is a certified CPD lecturer in animal nutrition, regularly lecturing in the UK and abroad.  Bianca is also a Member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition and has taken a close interest in Rockster since becoming aware of the food in December 2016. We are thrilled she will now be the head of Nutrition, not only developing new products, advising on individual cases for customers but also publicly marketing Rockster worldwide.

    Dave Weller | Head of Digital & Graphic Design

    Dave first became involved in Website and Graphic Design in 1999, after a National Diploma in Engineering at Merton Technical College.  He was part of an IT trainee scheme at UCL and spend 3 years learning to design and build websites from scratch using nothing more than a Notepad program.  After travelling for a year around Australia in 2002, Dave returned to the UK and joined the London Fire Brigade, whilst he started to build a freelance business designing and building websites for small companies.  In 2009 he was part of a group of individuals who set up a media company specialising in Music and Design and during his time there until 2016 he lead the design arm of the business to BestFor Web awards in consecutive years for the South East and Nationally.  Dave now focusses his time between small design agency, Lillian Kelly Design and The Rockster Ltd.  Dave is increasingly recognised as an industry expert, Dave continues to further his skills and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Market

    The World of Dogs

    • Humanisation of dogs has led to premiumization of pet food and strong growth in the natural food segment
    • Sales for all pet products and services totalled US$103.5 billion globally in 2016, surpassing the US$100 billion mark for the first time.
    • 4.7% increase over 2015, a growth rate that stands out among other consumer packaged goods industries
    • Pet food accounts for 75% of global spend; US accounts for 34% of the global market




  • Products/Services

    Rockster Superfood for Dogs

    • Establishes a new standard in calibre of ingredients, dog nutrition and palatability…
      100% certified bio-organic “superfood” for dogs using only human grade muscle meat and vital inner organs, no other part of the animal…
    • 80-87% human-grade bio-organic meat from animals certified to be free from exposure to growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids, with bio-organic nutrient rich “superfoods” in place of fillers such as grains, lentils, rice or waste products…
    • Prebiotic and enhanced nutrient absorption due to inulin from fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate in every recipe…
    • Developed and made in Germany; Bio-certified in Germany, also by UK Organic Food Federation…
    • Certified in May 2016 as a “superfood” for dogs in its own right. The first in the world…
    • Each flavour has a health USP targeting specific problems afflicting dogs…
    • Free from grain, gluten, chemicals, preservatives, meat paste and fillers…
    • Single protein formulas suitable for dogs prone to allergies…
    • “Sous-vide” cooking retains nutrients without bacteria prevalent in raw food…
    • Being hailed by industry experts, KOL & vets as quite literally the best dog food in the world today…
    • Seasonal specials will be made in a human food facility, “A Taste of St Moritz” edible for humans too…


    in development...

  • Key Data

    Real Margins

    • Includes landed cost for UK
    • Depends on local VAT/MWST & pricing
    • Will improve substantially with volume
    • Industry benchmark 15%
    • Can go down in price but not up; Retail M Germany is REWE/ZooRoyal price

    Please note that the financial information has been compiled solely by the Company and has not been reviewed by external accountants or advisers. The financial information set out below is based on the Directors’ beliefs, assumptions and information only as of 2nd January 2018, and the assumptions and forward-looking events on which such financial information is based might not be correct or accurate. Therefore, Investors should not place any reliance on such financial information.

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    Acre House, 11/15 William Road, London, NW1 3ER, United Kingdom

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