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Widecells Group PLC

WideCells Group Limited is a worldwide provider of stem cell-based services. Our mission is to provide individuals and families access to affordable stem cell treatment globally.

  • CellPlan Insurance to cover the costs of cell therapy and expert second medical opinion
  • WideCells Stem cell banking for a wide range of human tissues
  • WideAcademy Training courses in stem cell technology for healthcare professionals
Widecells Group PLC

United Kingdom

  • Introduction

    Stem cells – the future of regenerative medicine

    João Andrade, CEO

    WideCells are developing the CellPLAN together with a leading specialist medical advisory company and a specialist medical insurance underwriter to provide insurance for future treatment for people who have frozen their stem cells.
    WideCells has operations in Portugal and Spain. These operations have led to the Company developing a state-of-the-art clean room laboratory in the University of Manchester Innovation Centre (UMIC). The new laboratory at UMIC, when operational, will allow WideCells to process and store samples that the Company expects to receive from different locations in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. WideCells have also been analysing the best technology and manufacturers in the market to produce a bone substitute that complements their product assortment

    Patients need assistance to obtain the right diagnosis for a Stem Cell Treatment. In light of this, the Company are understood to be developing (with a (market-leading) specialist medical advisory group and health insurance underwriter) the first global stem cell insurance plan, ‘CellPLAN’, that is intended to provide customers (stem cells banks and new clients) with the reassurance that the therapy costs, the right diagnosis and access to the best clinics in the world are all provided. Under the Cell PLAN programme, WideCells will store the stem cells (or work with other stem cell banks), provide (or arrange through its partners) insurance to cover the costs of the cell therapy & enable the treatment within selected clinics worldwide. WideCells expects that this plan will help to create a rapid increase in the stem cell market.
    It is understood that as part of the development of the CellPLAN product, the Company will enter into a strategic co-branding alliance with the medical advisory group. WideCells will be targeting new clients as well as current stem cell bankers that have stored over 3 M samples in ~500 private cord blood banks worldwide.

    It is intended that CellPLAN will give access to the world’s best specialists and hospitals and includes cover for medical, travel, accommodation expenses (including a companion), arranging doctors’ appointments, hospitalisation paperwork and bills. The Company expects that the CellPLAN will be priced within the range of £100-£200 p.a. (depending on the country) and anticipates to receive gross revenue of 50% from each policy sold after paying the insurer/re-insurer.
    WideCells are also establishing a gold-standard laboratory at UMIC. UMIC has a fully operational clean room which will be used for WideCells’ stem cell processing and a large cell freezing and storage room for a wide range of human tissues. WideCells will collect, process and store them in cryopreservation conditions. The average cost to the consumer is expected to be £2000.

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  • Management

    Board members

    João Andrade | CEO

    Mr Andrade has over 10 years senior level experience in the stem cell market. He has a strong background in international business development. Prior to becoming CEO of WideCells he had a successful career at Future Health and Precious Cells, both leading international stem cell companies.

    David Bridgland | CFO

    Mr Bridgland studied Engineering at Cambridge and is a chartered accountant. He has over 18 years of business experience from privately owned and venture capital backed companies through to blue chip PLCs. Concentrating on early-stage businesses with innovative technologies, he has helped raise funding, grown businesses organically and through acquisition, and achieved successful trade sale exits for investors.

    Lopes Gil | COO

    Mr Lopes has over 25 years as Area Manager in Merck Portugal, creating and establishing complex operations with revenues exceeding €40 M. After Merck, he joined Precious Cells as Chief Finance Strategist where he maximised the profitability margins of its international cell banking services.

    Dr Peter Hollands | CSO

    Dr Hollands is renowned for his contribution in cord blood stem cell technology having trained with Nobel Laureate Prof Sir Bob Edwards FRS at Cambridge University and Bourn Hall Clinic. He has been an invited lecturer on stem cell technology to The Vatican, The House of Lords and The Canadian Parliament. He has been CSO of Smart Cells, UK Cord Blood Bank, Cells for Life and involved in clinical transplantation at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

    Dr Graham Hine | Chairman

    A technology entrepreneur with a background in leading, growing & successfully exiting technology companies. Dr Hine began his career with Philips, where he moved through semiconductor development into international sales and marketing of the resultant products. He has subsequently had 17 years CEO experience, including Capteur Sensors, P2i, Hardide and SGX Sensortech.

    Board member

    Alan Greenberg | Non-Executive Director and Vice President

    Mr Greenberg brings a wealth of experience within the education technology (‘edtech’) and healthcare start-up space and is exceptionally well-placed to lead the development of WideAcademy and contribute to the expansion of the Company.  On becoming Head of Higher Education of Apple Education, EMEA in early 2005, Mr. Greenberg was responsible for the deployment of a number of flagship projects, including the evolution and project development of Education Podcasting in collaboration with HEC Business School in Paris, and University of Lyon. This in turn led to the development of iTunes University (‘iTunes U’) throughout EMEA, and the Beyond Campus initiative. The Lighthouse University Programme and the launch of iTunes U in EMEA included collaborations with the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University College London, Royal Academy of Music, Trinity Colleague Dublin, and the Open University, representing some of the highest achieving relationships within iTunes U globally.

    His success within this role led to Mr. Greenberg’s appointment as Director of Education at Apple, based in Asia in 2008.  Based in Beijing, Mr. Greenberg managed the roll-out of the podcasting and iTunes U strategies within the Asia Pacific region.  This included the launch of the iPhone Developer University Programme (iDUP), where SDK code was being taught in universities throughout the Asia Pacific region, leading to the first generation of Education Apps for the App Store.  Whilst in China, Mr. Greenberg was also invited to lead and project manage a major corporate social responsibility project for Apple Inc., Pearson and Foxconn; the development and launch of 1 to 1 Learning, an educational programme which aimed to ensure students could learn at their own pace.

    Alongside these accomplishments, Mr. Greenberg has over seven years’ experience in the management and mentoring of early-stage start-ups, including content development, fundraising, business development and the formation of strategic partnerships.  He has also been recognised as a pioneer in his field and cited as one of the 100 edtech leaders shaping the future of learning Hot Topics “The 100 edtech leaders shaping the way we learn” in 2015.

  • Market

    The global cord blood banking market was valued at US$2.40 Bn in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2015 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of US$3.58 Bn in 2020. As one of the fastest growing segments of the stem cell market, the number of cord blood banks worldwide has grown from 23 in 2004 to over 500 in 2013. Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells, which can be used in the treatment of various diseases relating to blood and lymph.

    According the Company’s CEO and co-founder, João Andrade, WideCells was established because there is a major problem in the cord blood banking market. Worldwide it is understood 3 M people have stored their baby’s stem cells in over 500 cord blood banks to protect their families against future illness. The cost for this is around £2,000 each. However future treatment, if required, can cost up to £300,000 and the majority won’t be able to afford it. At the moment there is a situation in the industry where a patient has access to cord blood which may be useful but may not have the financial capacity or the appropriate medical advice should the time come to use it.

  • Products/Services

    WideCells are also developing their own range of products, such as OssGRAFT, a synthetic bone substitute that induces cell growth and bone regeneration. The Company aims to expand the range of applications, through the development of a new procedure with optimised results combining stem cells and the OssGRAFT: ‘CellGRAFT’. Other products under development also include: TeethCells (Dental pulp stem cells processing and storage (P&S)), BabyCells (Umbilical cord stem cells P&S), and LipoCells (Adipose tissue stem cells P&S).

    The Company are also developing WideACADEMY, a series of online/offline stem cell training programs for healthcare professionals. Training will help to accelerate the growth of the stem cell market. These world first e-learning stem cells courses are being developed in partnership with the University of Westminster


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