Our Members Know Us Best


I will recommend ABC

Gwenael Berthet

On ABC you will find wonderful opportunities of investment with extremely valuable advices by highly competent persons!



Best investing for me!

Rob Jacobs

My experience is that investing in the Angel Business Club is the best thing I ever did because my savings get every year more and more value! It's not a quick riche thing, because you must give your investings a few years to grow.




A Fantastic Opportunity!

Darren Metcalfe

Where do I start!!!!

Having been a member of this Club for nearly 2 years, I can highly recommend being an Angel Investor with this "Professional" and "Transparent" Private Equity Club. It allows you to get into Private Equity and Angel Investing for a "VERY AFFORDABLE" Monthly subscription. In return the Club allocates you shares in some fantastic companies which have been identified as having accelerated growth.

The Club is very supportive and heavily involved by means of coaching and mentoring the companies throughout the growth process. The Clubs Target is 20% annual return on members monthly contributions and its goal is 40% or more!!!!

There is a very Transparent process by means of weekly webinars (Monday and Wednesday) giving you the opportunity to ask any questions LIVE. There is also vast amounts of information and regular updates on the companies you and the club invest in.

The Clubs "Senior Team" along with the members "Support / Helpdesk" are very helpful, efficient and Fun (when appropriate!)

One thing to note - This is not a get rich quick scheme (I would be very sceptical of anyone who offered you such a thing!) I'm in it for the long haul and I believe its a 7 - 10 year plan! It will certainly out-do any lousy Pension scheme!!

Both my wife and I, along with family and friends have seen our portfolio grow and increase beyond our expectations!! I can highly recommend the Angel Business Club and can see that this is going to be a "missed opportunity" for many! I'm so happy and proud to be part of this growing community!

The affiliate scheme is also fantastic! You can soon earn very good money, simply by being rewarded for introducing other new members!!

There is a very simple internal trade platform where members can buy and sell shares internally up to the point of an IPO (Stock market floatation), trade sale or other.

We had a fantastic Global Convention in Kensington (London) in June, where both my wife attended. We met 12 CEO's of companies which we have interest in and were given the opportunity to see live presentations and updates regarding figures, order books / contracts etc along with being able to ask any question at all! It was a VERY SUCCESSFULL Event!

Join the Club now! See what its about and see your investments grow, all for less than the price of a coffee a day!! There is also a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee! There is nothing about this club - not to like and in my view will surpass everyone's expectations! You are in control with regards to payments / upgrades of subscriptions etc. The club also awards "Loyalty Bonuses" direct to you and your account! I don't know of any other platform that honours this.

Thank you Joao (CEO) and all the Team! Excellent!




A private equity club

Sara Smyth Ribeiro


A private equity club, where everyone and all the companies are truly transparent from the start, great value to be able to get in at the start on amazing companies. Highly affordable and recommended.



Private investment club opportunity

Tracey Peake


I joined Angel Business Club over 12 months ago as I was interested in one particular investment opportunity. However after attending the convention in London I was blown away by the quality of the investments on offer. I will definitely be investing in several more and I am extremely happy with the membership fee returning me shares in the full spectrum of businesses that ABC supports every month.


Personal Take on ABC and Insight for all Potential Members

Keith Murray-Jenkins


Keith (Murray-Jenkins) here. Already member of ABC for 15 months. My wife for almost a year. We can only say positive things about the Club. Very positive indeed. Its various attributes come together in such an extraordinary manner. Allow me to explain:


  1. a) The concept of pooling monthly contributions of members to create a more powerful investable lump sum is obviously a neat and sensible one. Logical and...‘exciting’.


  1. b) The fact that monies accumulated are invested overseveral start-up and young companies - not just one ‘flavour of the month’ company - obviously mitigates any risk involved: When one company is ‘slow’, it is carried by others in the portfolio which are progressing faster towards their next stage of development and eventual ‘pay-out time’ (by take-over or stock market placing etc etc). 


  1. c) The fact that CEOs of companies receive sound management advice from experienced company-turnaround people involved with the Club - this to help them move forward faster - shows even more commitment to the companies’ successes than one might expect. My wife and myself have heard the praise and gratitude of various CEOs on several webinars. Such simple expression from them adds even extra gravitas to the Club leaving many of us in no doubt that ABC is special after all.


  1. d) The fact that the equity side of things - namely the choosing of the companies to involve with - is carried out by not one but a number of seasoned Angel funding professionals (some with over 35 years each in the business) is in itself very reassuring. Whether it’s a matter of ‘disruptive’, potentially massively rewardable companies or sheer ‘more steady’ but obviously innovative ones: the important thing is that the needed qualities for success are recognised and they pass the stringent ‘due diligence’ required.


  1. e) Last but not least: the sincerity, enthusiasm and professional dedication of the Club administrators themselves who - whilst busy behind the scenes - organise amongst many other things the 2x weekly webinars (on all sorts of pertinent matters) is palpable. The Club Support department shares exactly the same commitment. Once again the word reassuring springs to mind.


As an addendum, do bear in mind the satisfaction (thrill too) of being instrumental in the very success of hard-working new company CEOs. Our small contributions together help to make it happen for them. In a broader sense we are veritable contributors to ‘Man’s Progress’. (Heavy stuff indeed!)