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Our Community is exclusive yet inclusive.

We are transforming the world of private equity 

Our Club is for People who are passionate about making an impact and who want to learn more about taking responsibility for their finances and financial future.


We see it as the perfect place to meet and share ideas that reflect our core values.   

Conscious Capitalist

By always doing right by our members, we can ensure our members are financially intelligent, informed and free.  

Radically Responsible

By looking inward and owning responsibility for all areas of our lives and business, we act from a place of power, embracing opportunities and creating the world we wish to see.

Lead With Love, Compassion And Humility

We are co-creators constantly asking ourselves "how can we be of service to our community?".




Our innovative Concept

Our innovative Community Fundraising Concept, enabling everyday investors to build a real portfolio of exciting Private Equity companies is just the beginning.

Angel Business Club is all about democratizing the private equity industry.

Our vision is to democratise the world of private equity giving access to all.

We’d love to get you involved in one way... or all the way.


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