We’re More Than A Financial Brand


We believe that if you now can pay less to access and enjoy hotels and taxis as a consequence of the disruption strategy of start-up companies – then you should be able to access something as fundamental as high end investing strategies too – through one seamless experience. 

Think of us as your community and access to global investing. We are bringing together investors and innovative businesses and start-ups from around the world, to give easy and secure access to private equity deals.

We value our team and our members and they can feel it every day.

We do business with consciousness.

There is ultimately only one business, that is human well-being.


Our Core Values

At the Angel Business Club, we embrace four core values that define us as a business. They guide us in every decision we make. We look for these values within our own team, but also in anyone who works with us.

Conscious Capitalist

By always doing right by our members, we can assure ourselves and our members potential financial freedom.


Radically Responsible

By looking inward and owning responsibility for all areas of our lives and business, we act from a place of power, embrace opportunities and create the world we wish to see.



Lead With Love, Compassion And Humility

We are co-creating with the universe and we’re always asking ourselves "how can we help?".



We Created The Angel Business Club For A Reason


The Founders of the Angel Business Club, when they started the Club, back in 2015, knew one thing very well.

Family offices advisors love to invest in private equity because of the possible high returns this asset class is providing and it was unfair, to them, that this would only be accessible to High Net Worth Investors.

The Founders, who have a passion for serving people, set the stage to create the Angel Business Club for everyday investors.

In the years since, we’ve continued to evolve and to develop our strong community.

We are delighted with the recognition we have received from financial experts and influencers.

Our ultimate goal? To reshape the financial and crowdfunding industry by having a lasting impact on thousands of people from all over the world.


Our Team

We’re not your ordinary team.  

Our diverse backgrounds help us respect each other’s unique talents and truly connect with our customers.

We have team members in different countries across Europe.