The Club

Join world's largest members only business accelerator club – The Angel Business Club

The Angel Business Club is a private members business accelerator community, established as an unincorporated association in Gibraltar. The Angel Business Club Rules

The Club provides network services amongst its Members pertaining to businesses wanting to accelerate growth. Please note that the Club may participate in the growth of these Companies through equity ownership. At its sole discretion the Club may decide to allocate some of this equity ownership to its active Members in the form of free equity entitlements. These free equity entitlements are high risk and may not be readily realisable.

The Club is a business advisory service where, rather than charging client companies for our services, through its advisers and Angel Corporate Finance, chooses to provide services to businesses in return for equity. We therefore believe the Club is wholly aligned with client company management as we all share the same objective – accelerated business growth

Vision statement

The Club's Vision is to provide its multinational and diverse membership the opportunity to participate in the growth of selected businesses, opportunities the Club believes they would be unlikely to otherwise replicate or access.

Mission statement(s)

Our mission is to create a platform to facilitate the birth of a global Network and community where Members, from all walks of life, can access opportunities to participate in the growth and profit of extra-ordinary businesses. An opportunity they would not otherwise be able to access.

Our second mission is to open up new ways for companies to fund and accelerate growth by offering access to both financial and human capital. Facilitating and managing an ongoing conversation between Members, potential investors and Management. 

How do we do it? 

We are a business club and knowledge exchange platform with broad expertise which aims to use the power of our collective knowledge, our connections, expertise and experience. We believe these attributes are often overlooked and undervalued in businesses.

The Members of the Angel Business Club  may discuss their experience with businesses that start-up or want to grow and may try to apply this knowledge for their own personal future investment possibilities, which they will carry out outside of the Club.

Our commitment

We always seek to provide the highest quality services and interaction with and for our Members. Our commitment is to provide our Members with:

  • Possible opportunities for their personal investment, outside of their subscription and in a fully regulated environment through Angel Corporate Finance, capable of delivering positive returns within a 3-year period.
  • Transparency – this includes detailed information on possible opportunities. We provide regular company updates and webinars.
  • Service – provide our Members with timely and informative customer support.
  • Network driven success - we constantly look to and encourage our Members to exchange their knowledge on growing companies.

How to Join the Club?

The Angel Business Club is an invitation only community of Angel investors. Your monthly membership entitles you to an allocation of free shares, access to our peer to peer trading systems, weekly webinars including Education and Business updates, and our unique events.


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