Why Angel Business Club?

Hi, I’m João de Saldanha

CEO of the Angel Business Club

Over 14 000 members have joined our Club to learn how to use private equity in their wealth building strategies and to put our system to work for them.


We take a different approach from most « financial advisors  and private equity houses» out there.





We believe that private equity should be accessible to everyone. 

And we made it possible.

We don’t want to earn money on commissions.

We want to curate our investee companies and to have our interests aligned with our members'.

We believe in education so we are talking together at the same level.


We know you have a world of choices when it comes to dispose of your money. So we are very aware that we have to own your trust with every one of our actions.

First let’s consider why you need to build a private equity portfolio.

As you can see in the table above, the average private equity fund (as measured by global investment firm Cambridge Associates) has crushed public sector yields over the long term.


It is an asset sought after by an increasing number of asset managers

In a recent survey of 139 single family office managers, nearly 80% have announced their intention to increase their private equity allocations. More than 17% were interested in investing about 25% of their funds in this asset class.


It is an investment class that is sought after by the big institutions when building their portfolios

Over the past 20 years, Yale's endowment at Yale University has achieved an average annual return of 11.8%.

This contrasts with the average return of American colleges and universities, which is only 6.8% per year.

Their secret: the very special distribution of their assets, which has resulted in the famous "Yale model".

Under this model, 18% of the funds are invested in private equity and 15% in leveraged buy-out.

Source: http://investments.yale.edu


Why you should test us?


We care for our members We deliver Results We deliver Service
We are a club, a community, not a financial institution… So, YOU are not a number. 

Since 2015, our IRR or internal rate of return has been 27%. Our goal is to deliver 2 IPOs per year. 

On top of that, we give our members access to high end cash income strategies. Some of those are used by well known Investors like Robert Kiyosaki.

We curate the companies we invest in almost for free. We don’t charge 2%/20% on your capital like the big hedge Funds. (2% commission on money under management and 20% commissions on profits.)



You are not buying a newsletter service that you can’t easily cancel, you are joining a community with many services such as training on different business topics, networking, access to deals not available elsewhere and much more… all for only 10€ a month if you have a Premium membership. 

We don’t charge any monthly fees if you pause your membership. You can pause whenever you want and you still keep your portfolio.

With your membership fee, you receive share entitlements in exciting companies. With our Loyalty Program, you can even cover the 10€ fee and more.


Become a Premium Member

Embrace the Power of the Community. Build your wealth.

Say NO to investment returns that are swollen by inflation.

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