Win big with ABC and Britannia's Gold Ltd

Exciting times ahead!

Today we are launching two internal club raffles. To participate in The Golden Ticket CLUB Raffle is simple, just stay active. All active members between March and September will receive one raffle ticket per month.

To receive raffle tickets to participate in The Golden Ticket INVITE Raffle you need to successfully invite new members to our club or re-activate old members (who when they join will get their tickets in The Club raffle).

We have two identical prize tables for both raffles and participants in each raffle you have the chance to win;

  • FIRST PRIZE One 1/2 kg gold bar
  • SECOND TO SIXTH PRIZE 100-gram gold bar

Read more about The Golden Ticket CLUB Raffle here

Read more about The Golden Ticket INVITE Raffle here


Compete to win 1kg gold from Britannia's Gold Ltd

Soon Britannia's Gold Ltd sets sails to start on their mission to recover Britain's lost gold which was lost during World War 1&2. Read more about their fantastic quest on their new homepage

And make sure to sign-up to compete for more gold.