Wishing you all the best for 2017!

The Club wishes you all the very best for 2017

2016 was a year of consolidation for the Angel Business Club. A Year where we built solid foundations for our future and demonstrated that the Clubs model of delivering profitable returns to its members through the involvement in outstanding businesses is very much a reality.

2017 however is the year where we can collectively take this business Global and become a major player in the world of business finance and acceleration. A year where we can truly harness our human capital and reinvent the way everyday people can invest, participate and engage in the development and profit of extraordinary businesses. 

We invite you to come on this journey with us - participate in the ownership of your Club - take us to 5,000 paying members in Europe so we can open the United States market, where you will also become shareholders and partners as founders of our US division. A year where we look forward and focus on binging on new exciting businesses to actively build our vision of delivering long term value from early stage Companies. A year where we continue to "actively" develop, come rain or shine, businesses for the collective benefit of our members

Be a part of our journey in 2017 and participate in the creation of a business at the forefront of next generation Business acceleration and Finance.

We are Europe's largest network of Business Angels together we can be the Worlds largest.

A Happy New Year to you all !