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Creating long term value

In less than 3 years the Club has developed an innovative Eco-System to fund and accelerate the growth of exciting businesses. Since its start in July 2015, the Club has…

  • The world’s largest community of business angels with over 12,500 members
  • Developed 15 Companies and driven 2 IPOs with more to come in 2018
  • Built a complex and scalable financial e-platform

All this within a transparent and regulated socio-financial environment

Angel Capital is the game changer

The Club has created a unique people-centric financial Eco-System to empower individual investors and transform the way they can access and engage in IMPACT INVESTMENTS. The key to success is the injection of Angel Capital, a unique mix of human and financial capital, to accelerate the growth of exciting business ventures. Join now to access…

  • The largest Worldwide community of business angels
  • The Club’s financial School and insights from the world of business and finance
  • The tools to build and maintain a private portfolio

Our angels have strong opinions...

Dominic Smyth Ribeiro – United Kingdom 

My Name is Dominic I live in the UK and I joined the Angel Business Club in January 2016. In this year through the club I have made a 70% gain on my portfolio in my first year! Far better than any other saving method I have. With Club activities, IPO's and meetings there are so many opportunities to network with likeminded people and understand how this fantastic club really operates. I have learnt so much thanks to their webinars and I am honoured to be part of this innovative business club.

Soraya Anderson – United Kingdom 

Since the very beginning I have been a member of Angel Business Club and in that time I have seen my portfolio grow extensively.

I haven’t come from a financial background and I love the fact that no knowledge of stocks and shares is required, but even as a lay person I have seen the value of my entitlements more than double which far exceeds any other conventional investments that I know of. As a member I have had the opportunity to meet and engage with CEO’s of extraordinary companies and just by referring others my membership in the club is self-financing.

 I feel very fortunate to be a member is this unique club!

Annie Gallecier – France

I am French and member of the ANGEL BUSINESS CLUB since its creation. 

I have always been interested in International Finance and the Stock Exchange, but with neither the ability nor the knowledge to manage such activities myself, and the Club has allowed me to access this very complex field and generate Earnings and gain knowledge both in terms of trading, the stock market and all related activities. 

This great adventure began with some hectic experiences that could have eliminated this Club if there had not been at the top of its organization, some competent people and varied experts with the intelligence to move the Club towards what it has become –  an Investment Club with a diversity of evolving start-ups but above all a pool of different personalities and a place where human values count,  which gives the final touch.

There is no excuse for not learning: ABC provides its members with tools and meeting and conference facilities where individuals and teams can develop in a professional environment. The Club also puts its expertise at the service of its members to enable them to access financial products without risk that no bank could offer. The assets we have are managed by experts.

For me it is a good way to invest and achieve results within medium and long term. 

Promoting the Club allows us to build a team and get paid by the Club for our promotional work and this is a big advantage, but there is no obligation to do so.

In any case, Angel Business Club remains for me a Club where I feel good, but it is not for everyone ...

Daniel Nusser – Switzerland

I live in Switzerland and have been a member with the club since the beginning.

The Angel Business Club offers a unique value proposition - it opens possibilities for regular investors (e.g. to participate in attractive pre-IPO investments) which are normally only open for institutional investors.

The ABC management is doing an excellent job in finding attractive companies in niche markets which offer high potential and I value that the team is engaged hands on to fast-track the development of the companies.  

Saving with ABC and investing in selected opportunities has proven to be a great diversification of my assets as the correlation with my other investments is low and I am quite satisfied with the risk-adjusted return achieved so far. 

I want to use the opportunity to say thank you to ABC for the insightful webinars which are performed on a weekly basis. They helped to broaden my understanding of investing in general and it is very interesting to get first-hand information of the companies as well as insight into strategies. Great Job - Keep going! 

Vic Brown – United Kingdom

I was a founder member and subscriber of The Angel Business Club. I had no previous experience of holding or trading stocks and shares and had only used standard low interest savings and investments.

I have been delighted to have been given access through the club to both hear about, and financially benefit from, a wide range of innovative and well constructed companies and have learned so much about the processes of the financial world that were previously a mystery to me.

The short track record of a handful of excellent growth successes and IPO's gives me the confidence that many others will follow in the next years as we see new waves of companies partnering for the benefits they can find, Having regular personal exposure to the companies that Angel Corporate Finance source, appraise and help nurture assures me that my financial contributions are managed for my best interests and long term profitability. I understand that the much higher returns the club make possible carry a higher risk than 'High Street' financial products but am pleased that those risks are sensibly managed by the club with full transparency at every stage.

I also greatly value the opportunity to recommend the club's activities to others and get rewarded for that. This means that both myself and my wife have effectively been building an exciting and growing investment portfolio with zero net outlay.

Welcome to a brand new world of opportunities

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